This is a blog about all the little goings-on in my Animal Crossing Wild World game, which I bought with my DS in July 2009.

I started this game on the 25th August 09, but actually I had another one going before this. I time-travelled non-stop and reset freely when I needed to.

My town had native apples, peaches and coconuts, the grass was square, the town hall was in the centre of town, and I really felt my town was perfect. But every time I read in some FAQ “don’t TT”, it made me consider rebuilding my town a little more. Finally, when the name “Nicetown” had become a bit too corny and idealistic for my liking, I decided I needed a new beginning.


I named my new town after a real place I know, surrounded by the sea and the woods and where people are carefree enough to go picking up shells and fish and relax at the cafe every day. It’s such an isolated little spot too that it hosts its own festivals and events πŸ™‚ And chances are you’ll bump into about five people you know on every walk you take.

Sound familiar? πŸ˜›

Now in my ACWW town I have apples, peaches, pears, oranges, cherries and coconuts. I’ve found all of the bugs and fish and fossils and I have more animal pics than I remember the number of. That’s compared to zilch from the previous game. In short, I’ve got way more this time around than I ever could have gotten cheating.

And since the days pass one at a time now, there is always something new to come, and so it needs an ACWW blog ^_^



Some hints about this blog to minimise confusion:

* Generally, picture commentaries are written below their respective pictures (especially in later posts).

* Starting from September 2010, clicking on most pictures do NOT take you to the original, but to the original of the next picture. I don’t understand why. From the new page, click on the thumbnail of the picture you orignally wanted to see enlarged.

* Alternatively, Right-click image > View image, then erase everything after “.jpg” in the URL πŸ™‚

EDIT 10 May 2011:
Hah! The curse is over! I changed blog themes (it used to be Quentin) to Hemingway, and the rubbish about muddled picture links and sizes is finished!
But still refer to above if problems persist >_>

* Screenshots are taken with my pocket camera.

* Sorry, I don’t really Wi-Fi.


EDIT 14 Mar 2020:

Only just noticed some pictures are rotated upside-down for some reason. Don’t know how long it’s been like that…sorry.

  1. oh I get it now! can you still see it?

    1. Hmm it works fine in my Notifications list, but everywhere else it’s still the old URL with the typo for me. Maybe it just needs time to update what you fixed. As long as the Web Address field in your general settings here is correct, it should be okay.

      1. Thank you! I only started in December!

  2. Hey Teru, i just wanted to tell you something which kinda upset me D:
    My ACWW game has.. i guess you could call it… corrupted?
    I’m not sure but something happened. The game froze and my ds did.
    It’s happened to me before! A verrryyy long time ago.
    I have to start a new one. But i had everything!
    It didn’t even tell me it corrupted it just said ‘new game’
    I have 2 ACWW games, i checked the other cartridge but yea it’s gone πŸ˜₯
    Just wanted to tell you and ask if you have ever seen anything like this before, if you have i would reaallly like to know!
    I’m in my new town now 😦 oh well i guess i will have to start all over again.

    1. Oh no, that’s terrible 😦 I haven’t seen or heard of this thing happening before. At most, my game froze once and I had to turn the DS off, but nothing corrupted to my knowledge. I know there are some really tiny glitches occasionally with my game’s data, but I’ve never heard of anything as big as wiping your whole game, and for it to happen to you twice, that’s really unlucky 😦

      1. I have been doing some research, but it seems i am the only one who has experienced this. It is very strange and might just be a problem with some cartridges..
        I have looked at the cartridge itself but there is no visible damage. So strange! I am actually kind of happy i found this though, it could be some awesome big discovery! xD
        I have been trying to save up as much money as i can so i can try to get everything back… in about half an hour i earned 30.000 bells! πŸ˜€

        1. 30.000 is a lot for me lol

  3. Hi Teru/everyone else, i would like to ask you about Mayu. Do you remember her? I used to love her blog and still do now, but she’s stopped posting on it. I’m a bit worried and would like to know if she’s posting or keeping in contact with anyone still.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed this comment. I do remember her but don’t believe she kept contact with anyone from the AC blogging community. It’s unfortunate she no longer updates her blog, but it’s completely plausible that she just had a change of interests or priorities, especially since she’d been getting very busy towards the end. At least her blog is still there for the people who want to revisit it, and is still a great resource for AC:WW.

  4. Heyo! Just Found out about your blog from aforestlife XD

    Going to start reading all of the posts πŸ˜€

    1. Ahh you’re probably done by now, but a super late thank you x3

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