Saturday 5th Sept. 2009


EDIT November 2010

Since this is my first post, this is the only place I can think of to put this…
There are some oooold pics in my ACWW Gallery that I don’t think belong there anymore, but since I don’t remember exactly where/when they belong, I’m pasting them all straight here, including the text.
So welcome to the New Old ACWW Gallery πŸ˜€


Blathers, curator of the town museum; Isn’t he handsome? ^__^


Me in front of my house, obviously πŸ˜› So arid-looking…


Moi, self-proclaimed art critic :cool:, critiquing the only painting in the whole museum =.=


Participation in the Gyroid conferences.


Caught sleeping on the job! They must be really tired though, awake through the night and being interrupted throughout the day πŸ˜›


One of my favourite-looking townies. I love her orangey colour together with her outfit. And the armor pattern in cute ^^ Pangolins are the same as anteaters, aren’t they? Cos I think she’s a pangolin. Edit 28/11/10 – or an armadillo πŸ˜›


I want my sugar. πŸ˜₯



Untitled-1 copy

Bones asked for a new greeting πŸ˜›


I’ll come back for a photo shoot when I’ve planted more flowers here…
(Edit 28/11/10: Never came back, lol :P)


My favourite constellation, 13th Zodiac. :mrgreen: (Old pic, but the constellation is still there! :))


(It’s a cat :P)

I made a drawing of how I see it ^_^ Its ear’s off cos it’s free-drawn, but a cat can move its ear πŸ˜›





And… a map of my town (until about March 2010).

End of Gallery

Is this where I can put my first post…?

Wow, I’m almost too tired after making that About post to write anything here. (It’s 12:35am here. I’ll figure out how to change the clock eventually.)


Today was Flea Market day! And it was my first one since I only started with the game just over a week ago ^__^

In preparation I cleared my room (-only paid mortgage twice-) of anything I wouldn’t like to sell (that is, everything) and gutted my wardrobe as much as the room capacity could allow.

I’d always had my eye on the furniture in Opal’s house (they all start with the same, right?), and today she sold me her Exotic Wardrobe, phonograph and Odd Clock!^_^ I would love to have picked up her Exotic Bed too, but she wouldn’t let go of it (and 3 items was the limit anyway). But it was still much better luck than I had with any of the other townies! They all said whatever I wanted was “their favourite” >_>

My room of stuff sold nicely, too. I had just enough items out for everyone to buy their fill. Though I felt so strangely sad when I watched Anabelle hurrying around my room to snatch up the last three items there were. Poor thing, being last and still working so dilligently for a bargain :cry:. I know they’re just a bunch of polygons, but, as the random Townie letter puts it, watching just tore at my heartstrings!>_< No, I didn’t give her special discounts for it πŸ˜›

Then after my room was emptied I went to set it back up…..realising the worst trick I could ever have played on myself: I put all my furniture and items I didn’t want to sell into the Storage Case I got in the beginning of the game, including my Pear Cupboard and new Exotic Cupboard… then sold the case to Aurora! X_X At the time I thought “I can sell this, as long as I have another cupboard”. Well, Smarty, where’re you gonna get your own cupboard back out from storage now?? Arrgh, how stupud of me!>_<

That was when I…sinned 😦 I reset without saving πŸ˜₯ Because I went all around town and could not find a single cupboard for myself, not even in the recycling (where, incidently, half of the stuff I’d sold tonight had ended up, begging to be sold a 2nd time to Nook :cool:), and I needed my stuff! >_< And I didn’t know when another cupboard would turn up in town. So I decided the lecture from Resetti was worth getting my cupboard back, reset, took the Exotic Cupboard back out, slammed the draw shut and resold the damn thing!

With that sorted out and my day of flea-marketing finished, I set my room back to how it used to be, only this time with the snazzy new furniture I got :D. It looked even better than before, and as an extra surprise, I found Opal’s Exotic Bed in the townhall recycling bin!! That definitely went into my new room :mrgreen:

Altogether, from what I remember, the things I picked up were:

Kody: Moon
Opal: Exotic Cupboard, Odd Clock and Phonograph
Teddy: Ebony Piano
Mr. Recycling Bin: Exotic Bed ^__^

Later on I went over to Opal’s, and found in place of her old bed, my old Ranch Table :D. She wouldn’t sell her bed to me, but chucked it out to make space!



A couple of pics from my scrappy camera of my new room^^
My favourite part turned out the clearest! πŸ˜€

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