… I was playing just now, and I saw an animal put away her umbrella and step into her house!  It was raining and I’d just given Anabelle her 4th piece of chic furniture and went off fishing, when I saw her hanging around outside her own house. Then she closed her umbrella and went inside.

I never knew they could do that while you were watching! Even minutes before, I was thinking to myself, thank goodness animals can’t go into their houses while you’re out, otherwise it would be even more confusing to find them after they’ve challenged you to something, or gotten you to do something for them. So how wrong I was o_o (And less 20 minutes later, Anabelle was outside again.)

To be honest, I was thinking along the lines of “games are too simple-minded to have characters going inside and outside in one playing session”. I knew they could go inside while you are playing if it’s their bedtime, but I thought that was it. But “simple-minded” this game is just not.

Another time this game blew my mind was when, after Dotty moved to town and I was speaking with her, I saw black dots springing off her head, like a glitch or something. I thought it was a minor problem the graphics had with the colour black, because Dotty’s ears are black. I also thought they looked like fleas, always jumping out of her head in arches, but I seriously didn’t think a game would include so fine a detail. (And, my townies with fleas?? Yuck! :P)

But then, that Filbert was always challenging me to catch bugs with him, and one day he named the flea. The black dots crossed my mind, but instead I thought “Oh yeah, haven’t ever seen those around town, but I’ll just look more carefully and I’ll find one”.

I didn’t. As a possibility I decided to try out the black dots. I spoke to Dotty, but I think she didn’t have them anymore. That encouraged me a bit more because it meant it might not be a glitch afterall, and I spoke to Bones, who now had the black dots! XD I figured the only reason you can hit a neighbour on the head with a bug net and nothing else is because the other outcome is you can catch a flea! And after a few tries, I did :mrgreen: (Ew, they do get fleas!>_<) The first one, I gave to Filbert, and the second, from Opal (“Fleas? I would never have fleas!”) went to the museum, where it now follows me around whenever I visit ^_^

This must be the type of surprise people say you can always find in ACWW. (And the fleas aside, I didn’t even know you could really hit other townies with the bug net! I thought it was a figure of speech when I read someone’s comment online to “give Lyle a whack over the head with your bug net when you see him”. But I accidentally did it to Aurora and she ducked her head. Poor Aurora 😦

Anyhow, let’s get back to the little things I did today…


I said (in Gallery) that I’d take a piccy here after planting some flowers…


After a while, the weather turned dreary. No Coelacanth, but I caught a Shark! Yay!

It took me so long to get a good shot of this that Kody wondered over half of the town and saw us and started to clap…


I wish you could really see them at 17ft T_T


Aurora’s house. She spent today challenging me to catch fish with her, and I wanted to verify her claim that she wanted to turn her house into the ultimate aquarium. It looks like she’s on her way! Though I don’t see the Gar she claimed to have caught before me 😛

Speaking of houses, Opal’s is still her! It’s like I persuaded her to stay by saying “Bye-bye!” o_o

And finally… while I was fishing with Aurora there was something I was working on…



I paid off my 3rd mortgage! :mrgreen:

I asked for a brown roof 🙂

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