I just titled this post Anabelle because I took lots of pictures of her. She was gonna move away! But I spoke to her about 20 times until she said “you really think I should change my mind?” about four times and hoped for the best, and yesterday she unpacked XD

But she wants to change her pretty clothes now instead of collect furniture 😦



Lol, isn’t she sweet? ^__^

And finally…

A compilation of all the other shots I took of Anabelle, including Super Angry Anabelle, Bummed Anabelle, and Swivel Anabelle, which isn’t really an emotional state but it looked cool πŸ˜€


By the way, I’m not the one who made her angry; it was Teddy >_>

Now on to other things…


I can’t wait for Kody to move to another town. He’s starting to spook me….
But on the other hand, maybe he’s my good luck charm for a big catch.
This shot happened because he suddenly saw me standing here and rushed over to say something, but I didn’t bother with him (I’m busy! >_< ), so after a while he just started clapping instead, right behind me.

I already had a sunfish in the museum so I went to sell this one, but It’s only worth a little more than a Char >.>


I usually leave the Monarch butterflies alone to fly around my town, but yesterday I suddenly had the idea that they matched my new outfit, so I caught this one to take a photo πŸ˜›




The only times I find him cute is when he shuts his eyes or has them wide open so the pink part disappears.

I just realised today that I have 3 bears living in my town! I think that’s a lot πŸ˜›


Blathers ^__^ The owls are sooo cute when they yawn!


While I’m at the museum I have my daily coffee πŸ™‚ Is java different?


Now this picture… Grr….
See where I’m standing? See that seedling at my feet? See how it’s dead? Why the heck can’t I grow anything in this spot?? >_< It’s one space away from anything else, and is between 2 trees, the safest place to plant something. But why doesn’t it grow? πŸ˜₯ I lost the first 2 cherries I received to this infertile square of soil, and thankfully the last one survived in a spot way out near the sea. But this time I buried an apple (native fruit) and it still died >_<



The best Gyroid I have ever dug up; a Puffoid! It toots out a random tune the whole day long, without stopping for a beat (unlike most of them that sit still and make their sound at irregular intervals). I whole set of them would most likely drive me nuts though.
But you can seriously sit and listen to this guy for a minute straight while your mind goes blank. Creepy.


Katrina came to my town today! πŸ˜€ I ignored her last time cos I never had a clue what she said anyway, but I felt like hearing my fortune today πŸ˜› She talked about this hedgehog watching precious time pass, and me missing out on something good and having bad luck instead.

I went to the Able sisters first thing after this but that move happened to be pretty irrelevant cos business was as usual there.

I spent the rest of the day falling flat on my face though πŸ˜› It was fun but I guess it could have really pissed me off if I had been chasing balloons or something.

(Instead I was fishing for the Coelacanth, so I couldn’t run anyway. None of the Coelacanth-sized shadows bit the bait long enough for me to haul in though T_T So I never found out if they were Coelacanths. I do think they were bigger than Sea Bass shadows though. ButΒ  similar shadows have excaped quickly before as well, when the weather was fine 😦 I got 3 Blue Marlins though :D. Good for my mortgage.)

Now let me show you some pictures of how my house currently looks:

Right side of room (Dressing up today :P):


Lower left-hand corner:


Upper corner:


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