Wait there’s more =P

All that in the previous post was yesterday πŸ˜›

Not that much happened today. I just took some pics here and there.

Like when I turned my game on and decided I’d wait till the start screen refreshed on my house so I could take a picture of the ugly roof. It took 20 minutes! x_x And I thought it would be a shot of the whole house, since you can never get than in the game, but it’s just like the angle from in the game, except without a person T_T


Brown roof. Tadaa. Isn’t it moche? At least my red one matched the letterbox. If I can’t get a dark brown roof, then I want my red one back. I’m working hard on my mortgage >_<
Though the best roof would be one with roof tiles. Just why couldn’t they make it like that? πŸ˜•


While we’re at it: the Nookway. If ever I bump into someone with a DS and a copy of ACWW on them in Sydney and who doesn’t look like a hacker, I’ve gotta get them to buy a cookie from Nook for me >_< I want Nookingtons and the cute nephew Nooks T_T

By the way, I went to Nook’s yesterday near closing time, and the music was nicer and calmer. Would be nice like that all the time.


This house shot came out nicer than mine >_> I think Filbert lives here.


My favourite building with my favourite NPC design inside – Blathers ^__^ And I caught an Orchid Mantis for the museum today πŸ™‚


Stupid fish… You want this, blue guy??


Clever Anabelle! ^__^


Here are two tunes for La-Di-Day, both by Aurora. They were the only ones I liked πŸ˜› But I changed the ending on both of them to sound more final. The second one is beautiful as the door chime to the Ables’ shop.

This whole day there have been balloons drifting by! Maybe cos it was such a clear, summery day. I think I shot down about 5 in a couple of hours, but look what arrived in one!


A doghouse! o_o Let’s invite Bones to sleep over tonight XD

And the last balloon I was going to ignore because I was so sick of chasing them, but then on closer inspection it was differently coloured to all the rest. It must be my 16th balloon XD


Woopeee. Now why can’t I get the Golden Fishing Rod on the 16th fish or something? >_<

Now I shall hunt for the pelican 😈

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