I just had an Oak Silk Moth (and Birdwing) all saved up for the Bug-Off since this morning, and I completely forgot about it! D: I was still sitting here at the computer thinking “my lovely moth’s definitely going to win this contest later”… when I looked at the clock and realised it ended half an hour ago! >_<

Oh well, enough whining. I’ll just get the trophy next time >_>

I just made this picture-less post to tell you all that Sluggish-Post-Updates-Time has officially started (if you didn’t notice already), because my uni semester has recommenced after the short break during which I discovered WordPress 😛

So yes… it’s been a while since my last post, hasn’t it? I actually should have been ready to put more pics up this weekend, but although I have the photos I took this week, I don’t have the program with which to edit them with me.

Then when I get back to my computer that has the program, I most likely won’t have internet O.o So um… I’ll get it worked out evetually, haha 😀

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