7th Oct. 09

Nooooo… still no piccies T__T It’s because when I have the internet, I don’t happen to have my photos or a respectable picture editing program >_>

If they’re not edited, I don’t want them in my computer or blog cos they look depressing and blue >_<

Anyhow, I’ll just have to talk now and put photos up later or I’ll forget what’s happened…

I think since last time…. well, after Kurt moved out, Cyrano moved in. Two anteaters, yay!^___^
Then Opal really moved, and Baabara came to my town. Sheep are so cute! I didn’t notice before that they wear clothes as scarves 😀 And Baabara tries to be snobbish, but she’s not clever enough 😛
And sorry you missed so much, but I got both their pictures, too! ^^;

And then Filbert left because he was hungry or something, and I have Bunnie now, whose picture I’m trying to get.
And we’re waiting for the hole Teddy left to be filled, after he moved away two days ago.

Aaand, it’s the Acorn Festival right now!^_^ So far Tortimer has given me an end table, stool, lamp, chair, dresser, bureau and stand. I hope I can get everything before the “festival” ends 😛 Btw, what the heck is the Mushroom Stand? A hat stand? Portmanteau? Cos it doesn’t look like one >_>


Update! ^^ I just found out a pig moved in this evening: Lucy! Her head could have looked less like a lightbulb, but oh well…

And I just realised why the set Cornimer is giving you is called the “Mush” set. ^^ So that in the end you can have a Modern Room, an Exotic Room and a Mush Room! XD

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