OMG! Perfect Town by Accident!!

This week I couldn’t help thinking quite a few of my neighbours were gardening as a hobby. Cyrano, Lucy and Kody definitely were. Then today I noticed flowers around Bunnie’s house. So I decided to go to everyone’s house (with my camera :P), to see exactly who was into gardening at the moment…

Firstly, Bunnie’s house (not many flowers, but I think more than yesterday):


Then Cyrano’s house:


Impressive; he planted all those by himself ^_^

Now to Kody’s house: (The trees and text are blocking some more flowers)


This is Anabelle’s house. I planted the roses at the front (she was sick once so I planted flowers outside her door :P), but there are flowers on the side that I did not put there πŸ™‚


Lucy started gardening the moment she moved in πŸ˜€


But when I came to Aurora’s house, it was clear she was not gardening… but then I saw the prettiest little thing… ^_^


Is that a Jacob’s Ladder??

I have a perfect town?? 😯

I watered the flower and left it where it was, and went to talk to Pelly.


I wasn’t even trying to get a perfect town! I had no idea I was so close! XD Before I turned on the game today I was thinking I wasn’t even halfway there! And the last time I checked, some of my squares didn’t even have 9 trees.

I did, however, go around twice this week planting flowers in areas I thought could use some. But I definitely thought my trees and flowers were not well balanced. I was even thinking: I’m not aiming for a perfect town right now; one day I’ll map all my trees, and then I’ll start working at a perfect town. Haha, now let’s see if I can keep it for 16 days πŸ˜›

Two other pictures: New neighbour! Dizzy! I’m not sure why they called him that. (Oh! Which means Bones moved away.)


And lastly, a picture of constellation 13th Zodiac, that can finally be seen in the sky: (Can you tell what it is? :P)


OH! And another reason I didn’t think I was going to get a perfect town: I have items littered everywhere! Especially in front of my house. Sometimes I don’t have more pocket space so I drop something I don’t need at the time XD And when my cupboard or house gets full, I throw items down outside my house. I am too lazy to pick up apples (native) after I shake them off and there are heaps of acorns left around trees. So I thought I was going to need a big cleanup first. Oh well, I guess I can get by without one now :mrgreen:

Oh but I should also thank all my gardening neighbours πŸ˜› Those crazy little flower machines.

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