Haha, best reaction ever from Kody :mrgreen: He’s talking to Baabara, but he turned his head at a funny angle and looked straight at the camera πŸ˜€ They were talking about shopping.

But that is the only photo I have today. And the next few days T_T Because I worked my camera batteries to death and they refuse to take another single shot >_<

But I’m so happy; my town is in its second day of being “perfect”, and today I found a hybrid pink rose where Kody is standing in the picture πŸ˜€ Then, behind a tree outside Nook’s store, I found a purple tulip. It’s so nice and vibrant^^ I don’t even know how long it’s been there! It was perfectly hidden. And last week I got an orange cosmos near my house, so I have three little hybrid flowers now ^_^ Yes I am trying to use coloured text to make up for the lack of photos… πŸ˜›

There is a rumor about perfect towns/Jacob’s Ladders giving you better chances of getting hybrids, right? I’m starting to wonder if it’s true… Oh, but I just missed out on the Peacock Butterfly, which are out of season now >_<

And there is a second Jacob’s Ladder behind the shops πŸ™‚ I also went around and cleaned up a bit (picked up some acorns and sold some fruit). I left the pile of items and clothes and wallpapers outside my house as they were. It really doesn’t seem to affect my town status (neither do the fruit or acorns, but I wanted
money :P).

edit: Okay, I tried to make some nice pictures with my webcam. It doesn’t work. But let me upload them anyway…

Picture 027

This is the clutter of stuff in front of my house. It used to be worse. The webcam gave me a yellow moustache. (But it also gave me a golden house.)

Picture 024

The purple tulip. It makes all the other flowers seem much more colourful ^_^
Picture 028

No hybrids, but lots of red and yellow outside Anabelle’s house πŸ™‚

Picture 037

The pink rose. I only planted these flowers a few days ago ^^

Picture 040

The second Jacob’s Ladder, behind the shops. You can see where I had to edit the picture in two parts πŸ˜› One day I’ll take some nice pictures of my town in the daytime…

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