Time for more mapping!


I was interested in what tree/flower layout my game accepted to give me a perfect town status, and today I mapped every tree and flower in my town.

The cool green squares are the cedars, the warm green are all other trees. Many of the warm green squares south of the shops, mueseum and home are foreign fruit trees. These-coloured things are coconut trees.

The pink parts are flowers. There are 3 patches of darker pink (north east), which are flowers before which I planted I could not get a perfect town, and 2 patches of light pink which were planted afterwards (so they didn’t matter).

As you can see, some acres definitely don’t fit the “perfect” requirement, especially near the river. (e.g. at the river pond, 8 trees and 0 flowers!) In any case, there are about 160 trees and 200 flowers, which is probably around the total a perfect town needs, regardless of distribution…

Yes there are 2 trees in the acre below the Town Hall which will be in trouble when someone moves into that house.ย  (edit: I’ve planted 2 more across the river in case + updated picture.)

With this current layout (my flowers are changing all the time), Pelly has said for the 3rd day that my town “has come a long way”. I couldn’t find a new Jacob’s Ladder today though! I don’t know why. But now you understand why I don’t really know how I got a “perfect town” status ๐Ÿ™‚

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