Today was a such a good day! ^_^ I turned on the game on the bus after uni today, and saw that Gracie was in my town again! For only the 2nd time. She gave me a certificate calling me “more than fabulous”, which is a big jump from the last letter, which read “Dear wannabe Sidney”… This time I was wearing the tuxedo, top hat and monocle 😀 But maybe it was because I also chose the most snobbish replies to her questions…

Then I felt I had money to spare, so I gave her 5005 Bells, and she gave me my favourite design in the game! The butterfly shirt! ^^ (Which I only knew about from the internet.) And then she gave me the moon-shaped hairclip she gave me last time (but I was not happy last time because I accidentally gave her “all I have”, which was 8000+ Bells, and she gave me the Mario shirt that was being sold in the Ables’ shop on the same day :(. But I was so unhappy because I was only just starting out and I probably reset :shock:)

And then… I was close to the Town Hall so I decided to talk to Pelly, who said: “I have a special delivery for you…” XD

I remember I found out I had a perfect town on the 16th, and today is the 29th…but it turns out it’s already been 16 days, because Pelly then gave me my Golden Watering Can! ^___^ I was so happy I went and rewatered all my wilting flowers and Jacob’s Ladders 😛 Of which I only have 7…. even though my town’s been perfect for over 2 weeks and none of them ever died >_>

Anyhow, to top it all off, yesterday Bunnie gave me her pic! Yay ^_^

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