Yay ^_^ (no pics still)

I checked on my town yesterday a saw… a black rose XD Finally XD I’ve been trying to get a black rose since I started the game >_>

I picked it before I could forget about it and maybe I’ll try to get a 2nd one before I go for a gold(en?) rose ^__^

Also, Bunnie moved out and on Flea Market Day a new animal moved in, which was ….. oh geez I forgot his name……….. cute male white kitty in a red and white racing suit XP Maybe he was called Kitty πŸ˜› Or Kittie, which is funny for a male name. But he was soooo adorable :mrgreen: Under his helmet he has anime-type eyes, and that cute round head of his makes me want to hug it XD

You can probably tell I’ve never had a cat neighbour before πŸ˜›

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