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Yesterday, I went to check out my newest neighbour after Cody (finally) moved: Jeremiah ^^ It seems my town won’t let me be without a blue resident.

Why he is called that I will never know…
And today I visited him again after he’d unpacked, and I see he makes up for his blue skin with a house full of green furniture >_>

And then (yesterday)… one minute after I left his house, I heard a funny sound I’ve only ever heard once before, and I couldn’t take a picture of it because I was too busy taking out my slingshot. Which is good, because that thing moves fast! You know what it is, right? πŸ˜› It was the UFO ^^ And I hit it ^_^



Oh wow! It was Black Friday yesterday?? O_O I only just noticed.

Uh…anyhow, back on topic πŸ˜›

Here’s me messing around with poor Gulliver πŸ˜›


The reason I have a flower in my mouth instead of my monocle on my eye is because I swap accessories to zoom the camera in and take pictures πŸ˜› And I had the black rose in my pocket for safekeeping πŸ˜€ It looks pretty good; I can pretend I’m smiling :mrgreen:

It took me two tries to wake up this “alien”. The first time he called the president a monster… the second time he was muttering about the flag on the moon. And then…


Two of the life-forms :mrgreen:


Haha! I loved this! πŸ˜€ I always thought their heads were way too big. Now somebody from outer-space agrees with me :mrgreen: And I have to say his explanation is quite believable….. >_>

Then he went on to ask my help to find him the missing parts of his ship. After I did so and brought the five pieces back to him, he called me his potato-alien friend and thanked me with a rare alien artifact o_o


And now he must hurry home, for he has important business to attend to :P:


And here is the present he gave me:


The Metroid. I don’t not know, nor do I want to know >_>

And here is me finding the first missing part of Gulliver’s Porpoise 5000


And then one landed here:


I especially came here to check ^^ It’s the end of a really long, thin peninsula (well, reasonably long, considering how small the town is). It’s a special spot where I decided to plant my first three cherry trees and nobody ever goes there to enjoy it except me >_< But one piece of the UFO decided to land right in the middle of the trees ^__^

And while we are looking at trees, here are some more pictures that I took today :mrgreen:


Outside Anabelle’s house is a nice place for pictures, I think πŸ˜€ This time I have a red rose in my mouth that is nearly invisible and makes my face took super weird.


That’s the ring of fruit trees you saw a while back when I just started planted foreign fruit. They’re all red now πŸ˜€


Er… just a random pic with lots of trees πŸ˜› There are 17 of them in this dense patch πŸ˜›

And a very last picture… I think Cyrano is starting to match his room colours πŸ˜›


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