I’m back ^^

Well…I’ve been back a while. Just settling back in to everything.

And remember how I was worried about neighbours I liked leaving my town? Well, this is what I saw the Sunday before I left:

And that is all I have seen until now for animals moving away ^__^ I told Jeremiah, “Take care.” since this was the ideal neighbour to move out, because we’d hardly had time to get to know each other πŸ˜› I didn’t even have to go to the trouble of purging him of the expression, “nee-deep” =P

And who would move in to replace him, but another frog? -_-

Yes, that is how he greeted me >_< But I think this is the first time I have ever met a new neighbour outside of their house, already unpacked. I definitely did not notice Camofrog’s house there the night before, perhaps not even when I played earlier in the day, so he was quick!

Speaking of his house, it’s so nice! >_<

I restarted a couple of times before settling on this town, and I always remembered that in one of those towns there was a house behind the Town Hall that was more beautiful than any of the others, with a nice, old-cottage feel to it. I never saw such a house again, but I believe this time we are quite close πŸ˜›

But I’ll be sad if only certain types of houses are set to certain random towns T_T I get lots of purple roofs. They’re pretty, but when there’s a lot of them your eyes start watering with cute.

And now two pictures on the same thing:

It’s snowing! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
And when winter arrived in my town with December, it took me an extra 4 days to realise summer had begun in the town outside my DS πŸ˜› It’s gonna be hot T_T

And for the rest of the post I just have some random pictures I’ve taken πŸ˜€

It’s about time someone said something nice about my hard work! >_< Lol πŸ˜› Thank you Aurora ^^ Incidently, the thing she’s wearing is one of the worst designs πŸ˜› But Anabelle in the distance is wearing my starry pattern ^__^

And thank goodness the grass colour has become bluey-purple, so we won ‘t get this anymore:

I swear, I found no more than a single fossil any given day that I searched for them in the latter half of Autumn. And one of those few fossils happened when I randomly took out my new Golden Shovel to dig a hole to see if it did anything special and accidentally dug up a fossil I hadn’t even seen.
And if you’re wondering what “special” thing I was seeing if the shovel could do, I’m just a little too used to Zelda and Harvest Moon, where you can dig up money ^^;

Before he moved away, obviously. Do you think he’s compensating for his lack of green? πŸ˜› The blue/purple blur behind the dresser is a Gyroid. It was a really nice touch amongst the green furniture πŸ™‚

Cyrano’s new hobby. He tried to move away right before Jeremiah did, and up until then his hobby was always gardening! I remember the town got “perfect” status shortly after he started planting flowers, so that’s at least one month for a single obsession x_x His new hobby is equally kind to the environment ^_^

There is nothing eventful in this picture πŸ˜› But it was the first time I noticed there were hybrid flowers in the museum! o_o The picture is not very accurate, but I think it was pink cosmos and purple pansies. And when I was writing that I only just realised that the flowers grow in bunches O_O I was looking in my pockets ealier today (5th Dec.) and wondering why it said “pink roses” >.<

I got the glitched HRA letter πŸ˜› And once again, they came uninvited 😑 And it didn’t include anything =P

I went to Kid Cat’s home – you can see his ear πŸ˜€ – to take a lot look around and saw his barbell bench (I had to reseach what it was called! I thought I knew :shock:). I got my character to get on to use it, and the lazy girl fell asleep! So it turned out it was a bed πŸ˜›

Okay, see that shirt next to Cyrano? This is what I think it is every time I enter his house:

PokΓ©mon Toegpi. It does suddenly look like it when you look away ^^;

This is what my Mush room now looks like ^^; Now that’s clutter πŸ˜› I’ve been getting some more hybrid flowers so I’ve been keeping some in here. It’s messy, but it’s colourful ^__^

Bunnie’s pic ^_^ Why did I let her leave so early? I miss her now >_< And I didn’t even take any pics cos my camera batteries were dead, weren’t they? o_o

A note I found on the beach. I wonder if it’s the Teddy we know? πŸ˜›

Meanwhile, up at the Town Hall…

Pelly was worrying about her sister making funny noises:

Haha, that’s exactly the answer I would like to give, too πŸ˜€

I was joking. Pelly was actually worried about her sister chewing lots of gum…

… and not spitting it back out when she was done –
“She’s going to be blocked up… for the next seven years!” LOL πŸ˜›
She spat it out here, though. Nice to have her cooperation for once πŸ˜›

And my last picture…

The other side is occupied by invisible monsters πŸ˜›

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