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I wished upon a star today, yay πŸ˜€
I have no picture of it, of course. Who would ever have captured in a photograph their ACWW character praying? πŸ˜›
The only other time I can remember making a wish on time was early on in the game, and it gave me a Master Sword.

And yesterday I received this letter from “Mom” πŸ˜› :

HAHAHA, I can’t believe it says that about the neighbours! πŸ˜€ In a game like this that thought borders on cannibalism πŸ˜› But not to worry; she sent me but a cherry :mrgreen: I ate it on the spot πŸ™‚

And then, since it was (still is) Flea Market Day, I popped over to Lucy’s house because she was one of the few animals home, but…

You’re not one to talk, Lucy πŸ˜›
Yes, she’s moving, and she already gave me her picture recently and I had neighbours I liked better :P, so I didn’t tell her to stay.

Here’s a random picture I liked…

… of Aurora in a grinning mood outside the museum πŸ˜€ Okay actually she is waiting for me to make a new catchphrase for her. She reminded me of iced coffee, but 10 characters was the limit so I had to give her “ice coffee”. Now she feels sophisticated πŸ™‚

But speaking of smiles, it seems eyes are so much more important in this game for showing emotions than mouths, so just like in reality, “a true smile is in the eyes” ^^

And lastly… I shall leave you with this cute picture of Kapp’n, as he attempts to arrange his turtlish features into a smile :mrgreen:

edit 2:40am :P: I just wished on another star! And another one right when I started typing the edit XD I think there is a meteor shower :mrgreen: But I only get one present, don’t I? >_<

edit 3:15am: Ah, I have now seen 12 shooting stars; I am off to bed πŸ˜› Good night.

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