Look look LOOK!

Wow, when you type a word too many times, it starts looking funny o_O

This is not Animal Crossing. But I think it’s bloody close! It’s a recent (2008-2009) game especially for DS called “Enchanted Folk” in Europe, or “Magician’s Quest” in America, and just look how familiar it is!

Same “style” of character design, with big heads and clothed, talking animals (but amongst other creatures)! A 32×32 canvas to redesign your clothes! And the same visual feel as ACWW with zooming in on conversations.

Planting flowers (three by three!); Fishing (with typos); other hobbies I hear include catching bugs, customisation and running errands (er…you can make a hobby out of that, can’t you?).

Even the edge of the town looks familiar:

There’s even a weed there! (I think.)

But of course in Animal Crossing one’s inventory does not include a wand, and people do not sleep on clouds. Magic aside, though, this game appears to have borrowed every aspect (except maybe the massive extent to which you can customise your surroundings) from Animal Crossing. Well, they changed this following thing. It was probably a good move (and I think the result is even a tiny bit better than your average ACWW character T_T):

But the worst part of it all? I think I’m falling for it >_< You can’t deny they did a great job already on the visuals, enhancing them in my opinion T_T The extra little touches they (Konami) added are exactly the type of things that I look out for subconsciously, for example:

The gorgeous little curls on this lamp and the house behind it:

The old type of architecture that makes you feel a place has history (and it’s height takes it to the top screen!):

And the other type of architecture I love – organic, where dwellings are nestled seamlessly into nature:

And also the buildings’ absolute disregard for the conventions of architecture:

I’mΒ  not saying the three bobbing heads are anything that improve the appearance of this building, however >_>

And here’s another picture I just love. I don’t know where the heck it is, but I want that wall, and door, and doorframe!

The town is also on uneven ground (with terraces and steps), which I did kind of wish for my ACWW town ^^;

I’m exactly the type of person who falls for these types of visual touches, so if you’re not like me, I can totally accept you screaming TRAITOR in your heads at me at the moment πŸ˜› And I have experienced no gameplay of this at all, so everything here is based on what I’ve seen on the internet (because there was no release in Australia; what the heck? And there are roms, but I don’t want roms :mad:). But still… I’m interested now >.< It does not seem to be the half-hearted attempt at producing Animal-Crossing-ish simulation games that some games are, for example My Sims (those people are flat, like a bar of soap =.=), and there are people (obviously people who made a direct connection with AC when they saw this game) who say Konami did a fine job.

Anyhow………… I think I’ve shoved enough stuff on here that was not ACWW-related (or was it?).

I’ll just put one last pic of a sheet of some of the 100+ characters they came up with for this game (they are extremely weird or extremely cute):

And that is all for today ^^; I have no ACWW pictures, though I did play today. I visited the Roost thinking it was Saturday and found out it was Saturday yesterday 😯 Then I checked turnip prices with Nook and found out again it was Sunday.

But I received my present from Wishy the Star ^_^ It was a Ninja Sword. What is it with my character and swords? o_O I even found out today I have two of the same sword (the Sword) displayed in my house, in different rooms >_>

Oh, and I took a photo of my character praying at a star πŸ˜› It’s blurry as hell though; I’ll show you next time πŸ˜›

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