SNOW! But…

Waaaah >_<Β  I was trying to make a perfect snowman, but halfway through I decided to move the snowballs to a better spot, and on the way the big one I was still rolling jumped onto the small one! T_T So this is the first snowman of the winter o.O

Lol, he said to me something like, “If I could express in one word how I’m feeling right now, it would be
‘WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY??'” Haha, sad T_T Sorry Mr. Snowman.

Okay, now back in time to where I last left off…

I said I got a piccy of me praying…

Blurry, huh? πŸ˜›

And here is the present I got from Wishy the Star :D:

A Ninja Sword, mwahaha πŸ˜› You can remove the spikes and chuck them back on. Thunk thunk.

Time for some gardening! You can’t see my watering can, but that’s what she’s waiting for πŸ˜› I’ve decided to move any more hybrid flowers that grow to the spots next to my house.

And then time to murder some trees XD Well actually I want to replace these “normal” trees with peach trees. But… see that stump to the left? I planted a peach there twice, and both times it died! 😦 No fair >_< How come the useless tree grew on that spot? 😦

And then I found a 2nd black rose! ^^ I also bought a normal watering can again today to see if I can keep black roses alive without turning them golden. I sold my old one without thinking πŸ˜›

These few days were actually pretty eventful compared to usual. There was the meteor shower, then on Monday I missed Gulliver (but that means he could have come to my town :P).

On Tuesday it was Gracie’s turn to show up. I talked to her and gave her 5000 Bells, and then she –

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT YOU EXCUSE FOR A FASHIONISTA?? You trying to make my head like a melon too?? Stupid giraffe… >_> The Watermelon Shirt was nice though πŸ™‚ But I sold the wig immediately.

Then I went to see Pelly, who is still going on about her sister.

Did you know her eyes would get that big? Lol πŸ˜›

Redd came on Wednesday and I bought a Worthy Painting off him, and went off to Blathers.

Looking good :mrgreen:

Here it is in the gallery ^^ If the real one is in the Louvre, then I think I’ve seen it.
The real name isΒ  Liberty Leading the People and is by EugΓ¨ne Delacroix. (Get it right, dumb American localisation >_> ) And I was gonna show you the original, but I just noticed it features some nudity πŸ˜›

On the next day…

Yes I bought it πŸ˜€ For luck πŸ˜›

Outside, it was snowing (supposedly a heavy snow storm). I went down to the “peninsula”… and look who was there ^_^

He gave me the Helm for the Pirate Ship (?) set this time. It’s a nice piece of furniture πŸ™‚

And I leave you with his words of wisdom :P:


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