HAPPY!!! XD And Happy New Year!!!

I just realised today that I’m one payment away from my mansion expansion! :mrgreen:

I know my current mortgage is 84800 bells, but I forgot how many expansions there were XD

And, I’ve actually got the money to pay it off! ^^ I just decided to keep it in the bank until I got December’s interest, as well as my Box of Tissues, which I received today for saving 1000000 bells! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I have not received my interest yet, because I did a little TT-ing this week ^^;
I couldn’t be on my DS for the moment the year became 2010 because I would be seeing the real fireworks in the city (they were spectacular!),Β  but I also really wanted to celebrate on ACWW so I set my DS one day back yesterday.

But, I made sure I won’t be taking advantage of the TT-ing. I’m not even making 2 snowmen on the 31st (if that’s possible while TT-ing). That way, it doesn’t make me feel guilty of cheating ^^;

For that reason, I will need to get off the computer in half an hour and see the fireworks in my town in ACWW, because it’s still 11:30pm 31/12/09 there :mrgreen:

I know I haven’t put any pictures up for a while, but I’ll take lots of pics (well, some :P) of the New Year in my DS ^^

And so much other stuff has happened between my last post and now! I’ve just been so weighed down by all the pics I have to edit that I’ve been avoiding them! >_<

But from now on, we’re gonna have better pics, because I’ll tell you why next time 😈

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!! 😎

And I hope the rainbow text made it easier to read πŸ˜›


Oh btw, Wi-Fi through my USB connector didn’t work! >_<
Connection tests are good but Copper always tells me error codes 61010 and 61070.
I tried everything I could but I’m exhausted now πŸ˜›
But maybe I’m still waiting for a miracle to happen… I’ll tell you if one ever does πŸ˜€

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