I got my MANSION!!! XD

WOOHOO!! :mrgreen:

As you can see from what I had to put on the fence for a sig, c’est chez moi. :mrgreen:

I’m so lucky I got this picture too! ^_^ I tried once again to take pics of my roof while opening the menu, and for the first time ever, it worked! The best moment to capture it is just when it has entered the top screen, but not yet in the middle. That means click before anything appears ^_^

Then it took so much work putting the two screenshots together, because they were warped and the roof changed angles because it still acts like a 3D object >_<

I don’t know what it will look like in Spring, but I think it’s beautiful right now, in the snow with the lights on :mrgreen:

Here is also a video I made with my new camera of the fireworks ^^ I only really wanted to record the new festive music, but this was the only way πŸ˜›

Hope it works!

Now I need to get to work editing those 194 screenshots I’ve had piling up through last month! x_x See you!

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