I got cloned!!


No kidding! This is the “strange thing” that I was talking about before. Sidney got cloned while my friend and I were moving her back from his town to mine!

It turns out I don’t have many pics of this. You remember how worried I was about leaving my characters in a friend’s town right? (Or maybe not :P) His ACWW game is on an R4, so I was so focused on getting my people back safely that I forgot to take pics xD

But so you know, in case I forgot to say or something, my characters moved smoothly to my friend’s town. It was moving back that had a few hitches, mainly that his game kept freezing or having the DS-to-DS connection cut out.

That meant many angry Resettis (well, many only 2, BUT THAT’S A LOT =_=), and repeated immigrations.

Rain came back pretty okay, but then… after cutting out 2 times and when Sidney’s 3rd immigration was finally going smoothly, my friend’s DS gave up right after the immigration process completed on mine!

In other words, my friend gets the blue Resetti screen while in my game, Sidney arrives at the town hall! πŸ˜€

So… we reload his game and look at the attic. Sidney in in my town hall, talking to Pelly. Sidney is also lying in a bed in the other town!

Well, he wakes Sidney up and goes through another Resetti dialogue -_- while I go through the administration stuff in my town, before heading over to his to pick up my items I left there, which takes more than one visit.

At the same time my friend makes me say some stupid things -_-


After this, he starts taking the things out of my (his version of me =_=) pockets and dropping them for me. Yes, double me means double any items I had. Double golden watering can, double golden sling shot.


And double money. I had 1,500,000 bells before!
To be honest I would have been happier having my cloned hybrids instead πŸ˜› But they’re all saved in letters and would have been too much work >_<

And so that’s how we end up with this πŸ™‚

“Nom”… >_>
He’s (I’m…) not wearing my monocle because he went overboard while dropping my items and took it off along with the hat. I told him to put them back on for the photo but we couldn’t find the monocle, which I already accidentally took back to my town! xP

So there you have it, Sidney and Rain are both back in one piece in my new town, but somewhere out there I have an evil clone…


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