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Ahhhh, I took such a good picture today!! But I can’t show you yet, cos we’re still catching up with my previous ones!
But I’ll show it to you when I make the post about today, the Fishing Tourney! Ah, I’m so hyped about it! xD (edit: It has a post of its own now: Tortimer’s Love Affair! :D)

Now, where were we……

Ah, right. Back to the beginning of May πŸ™‚

On the 2nd of May was Mint’s birthday ^^


Yay, gold stereo πŸ˜›
Nan was the other invitee. But two days later…


Nan’s moving away 😦

And to replace her…


Kiki! She totally reminds me of the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service ^^


Her house is quite cluttered after she unpacks >_> But i like that cactus with its pink flower on top πŸ˜€


I decided my new town needed a new flag. Something I never did for my old town. Sorry, this is not supposed to remind you of Christmas, if it does πŸ˜›
I checked and the old design was called Tortimer’s Pride. Aww, I’m sorry, Tortimer 😦

Later, in the Able’s shop, I found something that I’d never seen there before:


A fireman’s helmet! πŸ˜€

It’s so big it feels like I’ll lift off when I run!



Now it’s Buck’s turn to move. Perfect timing, because he just gave me his pic previously! πŸ˜€


A picture of outside my museum, where I’ve surrounded it with white and red flowers. I’m slowly replacing them all with white and red roses πŸ™‚


“You have medicine???”
That’s one of the patterns I made with Breeze, to add a bit of colour to my town ^^


… and to my room ^^;
Most of these pics are from my old town, of course.

But my favourite pics…


… are in this room!

And a better look who they are:


From the front: Baabara, Gladys, Cyrano, Aurora and Anabelle :mrgreen:


You remember I was planting apple trees and being too lazy to pic up the oranges, right? Well I got a nice incongruent mirror image here after the new apples grew ^_^ That made sense, right? πŸ˜›


At another place on the same day πŸ˜€ Haha, it reminds me a bit of Yin and Yang πŸ˜›


Pinky’s pic, yay!


He’s gonna stare at me until I come up with a new greeting for him…
Stupid Lyle, go away 😑


Cute angry eyes πŸ˜€ And pudgey nose
And, uh yes… I was shaking trees T_T I don’t wear this monocle for nothing! ^^


Wow, he’s actually referring specifically to the tissues in my room! πŸ˜€ I never noticed they could do that!


Okay, I saw this Royal Crown at the Ables’ and was on the brink of buying it, when I decided to take this picture. Then the moment after I took it I didn’t want the crown anymore πŸ˜›
I decided I had plenty of time to do so after I finished paying off my house and other stuff that costs money.
Oh, and two days later, the Royal Crown was in the store once again!


Hey we’re finally moving onto stuff that’s actually fresh in my memory πŸ˜€
Pecan gave me her picture ^_^


It says “A picture of me is worth a thousand pictures of someone else!” πŸ˜€


I’d been waiting impatiently for a new animal to move in… and finally get this cool guy! :mrgreen: “Slushie”, cute! ^^
Apparently his species is called the Rock Hopper Penguin, which explains his name, which had first led me to believe that I was getting a damn frog again. (Got enough of those in the last town.)

I might keep him a while, but he decreases my chances of having Cyrano back, or getting Apollo, whom I want as well πŸ˜›


Light rain makes everything prettier ^_^ Well, in this game it does πŸ˜›


And after checking for any new Nintendo letters, look who it is.
Well, if she insists on visiting me…


Oh yeah, I’m done πŸ™‚


Me’s okay, but you can’t go around asking every neighbour that question, Pierce!! =_=
Surprisingly Hopper had a very ready answer to this -_-


Yes, set it out straight for her, Hopper πŸ™‚


Jeez Pierce, find someone your own size to start fights with πŸ˜›


Aaand back to what I said when I started all this picture spam: Hugh is moving πŸ™‚ I’ve been waiting to kick him out for a while, but I didn’t realise until after I told him “bye” that I was gonna miss him 😦 He really was always nice.

And I’m gonna miss his beachfront house!


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