Tortimer’s Love Affair!! O_O Picture!

Tortimer, this is a scandal! How did you expect this to not go public?? xD

Haha, do you remember when I said in this post that I took an awesome photo on the day of the Fishing Tourney? Well, you can have it now :mrgreen:

Right when the Fishing Tourney was about to come to a close last Sunday…
Look at the scene that was to be found on the beach!


Isn’t that our own Rain?? 😯
And the Mayor even has a love heart above his head!
Ooh, you’re in trouble now, Tortimer xP

Well, that’s the only picture I can leave you with today πŸ˜› I don’t have my other pictures with me, so you’ll have to wait until my classes are over for the week before I post everything else! But if you want an explanation, I’ll provide you with one then πŸ˜‰

Bye for now ~

P.S. It’s not a photo edit or a hack πŸ˜›

P.P.S edit (27th May) – Zero time for updates right now, argh >_< Thought that wasn’t worth a whole new post πŸ˜› Well, see ya round ^_^

Okay, in case you can’t figure it out ( I doubt it ^^; ),
is the later post explaining this picture! :mrgreen:

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