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The Fishing Tourney!!!

Finally, Tortimer can be found outside the Town Hall πŸ˜€
That means… MASSAGE CHAIR TIME!! :mrgreen:



Ooooh πŸ˜›


Haha, phew.




Mwehehe… the scallop… xD The golden axe… xD

So… on with the fishing tourney! ^_^

But no matter how many seabass I bring to him (it’s May)… he tells me it’s not big enough! Grr πŸ‘Ώ
But after about 10 seabass that are all smaller than the one Pinky caught… it’s my turn to mess with him 😈
I noticed that every time I give him a fish, he moves a step…


Yesss, come with me, I’ll give you candy 😈  It’s shaped like fish, but it’s candy 😈


Hehehe, lured away from the safetly and comfort of your armchair, fish-by-fish xD
Whaddya say now? :mrgreen:



Well, you might laugh now, but I’ll get my revenge xD Narrow your eyes at me all you want.


I’ll make scandal for you 😈

So, later that afternoon, we enlist the help of our prettygirl Rain πŸ˜€


And Tortimer can’t help but be lured by her…uh…unbridled beauty πŸ™‚

Rain: “Walk faster, old man =_= I’ve got a place all ready for ya”

An HOUR and 60 fish later…


Finally here! o_o

But right when the sunset’s at its prettiest 8) Should you be here, Tortimer? xP

And for the cherry on top of the cake… I have something in my pocket……


Click! On camera! xD Wait ’til I stick this up on the town bulletin board and all the townies see 😈 You’ll have trouble Tortimer :mrgreen: So will Rain, but she hardly leaves the house xP

And that’s what happens when Tortimer doesn’t give me my trophy. Mwahaha 😈


Then Pecan decides to drop by πŸ˜›
What, it’s not money? So it was good looks you lacked? :mrgreen:

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