Look who’s there

Argh, my brain’s such a mess from all the screenshots I took over the last 2 months! o_o Anyhow, we’re up to somewhere about here :P:

A few days after WiFi-ing with Yuki, I come out of the house and find this lost little thing nearby πŸ˜€


Katie from the Lost Kitten event! :mrgreen:
It was really cute; she was actually originally crying under a tree right outside my house, but I couldn’t get a photo at that time >_<


That’s one heck of a nose! πŸ˜›

Of course I can’t take her to Mitsukyo straight away, so I’m taking her with me around town xD…


Pretty kitty in a field of flowers xD So cute xP


“Awww”ing at her cuteness while she’s screaming for her MMAAWWWMMEEEEE :mrgreen:


Awww πŸ˜›


Hehe, it’s busy in my town πŸ˜› While I heard the rest of Pierce and Pinky’s conversation, Jeremiah the blue frog down there thoughtlessly walked straight into Katie, pushing her away until she started crying again 😑


Phew, finally composed.

Onto other news while I leave Katie somewhere…


Yay, Mint’s moving ^_^ Good timing, after she gave me her pic πŸ™‚
I don’t hate Mint, but one snooty squirrel in my town is enough =_=


Namely, this one >_>
Pecan, that’s an interesting decoration you have there…


Then I bump into Hopper outside, who looks quite good in the royal shirt I recently gave him when he wanted new clothes πŸ™‚ He’s like a fake royal penguin now xD
(From what I can gather, a Royal Penguin is like a Rockhopper Pengiun with a white face :P)


I don’t know if I’ve posted Kiki’s pic before, and for once I’m too lazy to check >_> Anyhow I thought she looked nice wearing the Tim from Treehut design. They all gravitate towards that design… I don’t know why.


One heck of a crooked grin on Jeremiah’s face while he waits for a new catchphrase.


And…Nookingtons! :mrgreen: Have I shown you yet? Looks like any other Nookingtons xD It so niiice inside with the red carpets :mrgreen:

Oh, and meanwhile… the CROWN is on sale at the Ables’!
I just manage to scrape together one million bells (haha, of course not all of it was earned today :P), and head over to their shop.

I’m carrying ALL the money I have. Not a Bell left in the bank πŸ˜›


… But Mabel says my pockets are full! πŸ˜€

Full of…?


Bells ^^;
You know, Mabel, you could just take my money first, and then hand me my crown -_-

But it’s actually going to be worn by…


Rain πŸ˜€
Who is going to have a haircut first, in the new hair salon πŸ˜› The hair sticking up at the top doesn’t go well with crowns and halos πŸ˜›





Ta-da~ A bun πŸ˜€
“It’s a wh-at” I don’t know either ^^; I took the pic too early πŸ˜›



Yay, Princess Rain in her regal house :mrgreen: With creaky wooden-plank porch and stairs… >_>

Oh and later I bump into Katie to mess around with her some more 😈
Instead of being nice to her this time, I chose the mean answers every time ^^;

And she…


… does a high-jump-kick sneeze O_O


=_= … What the heck was that then?
She’s totally composed too when she’s back on the ground πŸ˜›

So while Katie is waiting in my town, I get confirmation from Mayu/Yuki that we will be able to reunite the kitten and her mother in Mitsukyo at the end of the week… which will be in the next post :mrgreen:

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