I posted something again!!! XDDDD

This post is LOOOONG overdue! Jeez…what normal person has the dedication to catch up with homework this old? xD

Anyhow, let’s get started. We left off stuck with the lost kitten Katie, from Mayu/Yuki’s town of Mitsukyo, to which we now need to return her. Thank God it didn’t really take two months, lol πŸ˜›


Wow, blurry -_-


And off we go! ^__^ Through the gate where there is eternal sunshine ^^

Why is this draft post not resizing my images… What happened to WordPress while I was away? -_- I think I will have to resize manually.



Jeez…crying again already >_>


Yay, success ^_^

And on the other side of that gate…


… is Yuki waiting for me :mrgreen:Β  Thanks for saving~ I’m so scatterbrained when WiFi-ing that I’d forget xD


Taking the opportunity to dump some stubborn orange roses I keep getting into Yuki’s spare hybrids garden πŸ˜†
Oh and in return I got some KK songs, which is awesome because I keep forgetting to see KK in my new town xP


Derwin’s house is pretty nice πŸ™‚ He’s one of the first neighbours I had waaay back in my first town (the one called Nicetown >_> )


Neither of us is making any sense :lol:, but this was a nice shot outside Yuki’s house.

Next I went to meet Yuki’s new neighbours (probably old by now :P)


First is a koala! ^_^ Yuka and Yuki xP


And next is Mr Resetti.



And then finally is Genji πŸ˜› I’d be a bit worried if I got a real rabbit like that…


And a last shot of Yuki’s town… her Ables’ shop πŸ˜€ It’s so refreshing to see a completely different set of designs to mine ^_^

And so then we return home to reap the benefits of our most recent venture out of town xP


Oh really? Well at least I think this is because I visited Mitsukyo… πŸ˜›

Let’s see…



That’s pretty good ^_^ In fact, the proportions are the same as a toy horse we have in a cupboard upstairs made out of rope πŸ˜€

And then the next day…


Yes, the next day I still find Katie right outside my house πŸ˜›

But it’s all good πŸ˜› Cos I also find…


… a letter from Katie πŸ˜€

Even I had better spelling than that when I was a little kitten >_>


Along with Katie’s letter was the music box item! ^__^ Finally something suitable to play in my main regal room :mrgreen:

So that’s the post about Katie’s reunion with her mmaaawwwmmeee. Sorry it took a while xD
And Thank You Mayu for unlocking the Lost Kitten event and items!! xD

Here is Mayu/Yuki’s account of the same day, posted a quarter of a year before mine xP

Now let’s see if these pictures will show correctly like normal or if I’ll have to fix them all individually…

edit: Damn you WordPress =_=
Also, the pictures no longer take you to the larger jpeg when you click them; they link directly to the following enlarged image (which loads an entire page, not a simple xxxxx.jpg) so you will have to click the previous thumbnail. Try it, you’ll see what I’m on about. Right click + view image does not work either because it just shows you the shrunken image. No idea what WordPress did on that one but I’ll fix the blog if I ever sort it out…

edit 2: For the original 800 x 600 pic, you need to check image properties and copy/paste everything in the location URL before the ?mark. I mean what is up with that? As if it needs to be this much trouble to see the original size =_=

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