Happy Beeeeeelated Birthday to Me

And a mish-mash of other stuff I took pictures of during my freakin’ long absence xD
(Not saying I’ll won’t randomly disappear again^^; )

May 30th was my real birthday! 😀 And that’s an important birthday cos it was my 21st! And so of course I would also have to be there for my first ever birthday in ACWW :mrgreen:


Aaand my special present is brought by Pinky!
“S-fuzz”… >_>
Now I really wonder who it would have been in my old town T_T Because Pinky is not really my favourite neighbour in this one. Oh no, don’t tell her I said that! xD


No, what do you think I came on ACWW when it’s meant to be my bedtime for? =_=

And my lovely present……


A huge birthday cake! 😆 Whooooo xD

So that’s it for my lovely birthday ^_^ Apart from dinner together with my parents, nothing more happened in real life than in ACWW ^^; I even got cake in ACWW! Lol 😆

And then a couple days later…


Yaaaaay :mrgreen:


Oh o_o A visitor.



NO I didn’t guess that.



Whoooo #2 :mrgreen:
Is it really a rod made of gold? xD

Then a moment later:


My first firefly! It took me a second to work out what this strange apparition was, odd fairy lights floating through the night o_o

Ahh, I’m out of time to finish this  post >_< I gotta get up at 6 tomorrow so it’s to bed right…. NOW xD
See ya!

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