Leftover Mishmash – Lotsa pics =D

Left over from last post πŸ˜‰

There’s actually a lot more than last time >_< Let’s start with this nice note that washed up on my beach one day…


Isn’t that nice? >_< And finally, a note from a real person! xP
And what was inside:


A watermelon shirt :mrgreen: But as it was, I already had a watermelon shirt from Gracie >.<

So following Nancy’s example…


I think this is a great idea for any other spare but valuable items I get too. Thanks, Nancy from Fantasia! :mrgreen:


Damn it felt good hearing this. That’s right Blathers, you give that sneaky weasel what for! xD


Aww, I heard this and thought “that’s such a nice talent”, especially because she was trying to do something about it ^_^


Tried catching her when she was yelling πŸ˜› She reminds me of Yoshi in this picture.


What I do on Flea Market Days now when I feel like it: Sell fish! :mrgreen:
So that I can do this :mrgreen: :


Yeah, they accept it as furniture but don’t take it >.<

And then Blanca was once more in my town! I felt like an idiot taking this photo on the train, but I really wanted to xP



Yeah Blanca, you look totally fine now ^^;


Yes, Pascal is here! :mrgreen: Finally I can give him a scallop from back when I lured the mayor down to the beach during the Fishing Tourney to get it off him :mrgreen:


Yeah, well considering you know who the scallop belongs to, perhaps you should write in ink everyone else can read?


I think my character is zoning out. Such a glazed look xD

And then…


I think you only get one chance per character to get this close-up shot of Pascal’s dive, and it didn’t even occur to me when I took it xD But I love how it turned out, considering the timing could have been off completely! ^_^

And of course, it was close-up because… xP


Whoohoo!! xD xD


Random shot of my chara plus an update of my backroom ^_^ Sometimes it’s a storeroom but as I get more appropriate pieces it’ll become a nice european courtyard garden :mrgreen:


I was surprised to hear Gwen (I’ve introduced Gwen before, right? >.>) talking about another ACWW player, but apparently it was because they were the maker of the constellation up that night πŸ˜€ I may be wrong but I think it was the “horse” constellation from last post :mrgreen:


Bye Filbert-in-the-frilly-girls’-dress. (I have seen him mistaken for a girl on the net before :P)


New neighbour: Rhonda ^_^
You know what’s really strange? The new neighbour I got before this was Gwen, but I didn’t know who Gwen was, so when I took a stab at her species after seeing her name on my map, I guessed “female rhino”. Beep, wrong: Penguin. But straight after that – the real female rhino xD


Oh are you now? πŸ˜› “High class”, eh? Well, no better way to show that than possessing a platinum watering can ^_^


And then I met Gwen in her house and apparently she was a bit touchy about my reply to one of her age-related questions xD
She’s even crying; Don’t you wanna hug her? xP


Random shot. Delivery outside Pierce’s house πŸ˜€


Good timing, right after giving me his pic πŸ™‚


I think Rhonda’s design is put together well – white, pink and grey animal and a gothic/lolita/whatever-it-is dress whose colours I think suit her surprisingly well πŸ™‚ Then when it rains, she takes out a nice white lacey umbrella ^_^


This shot is purely the result of an inability to resist the temptation of photographing Pierce on the spot whenever the idea occurs to me =_= Mainly this happens when it’s daytime, the weather is fine, it’s a neighbour I like, and in an outfit I like πŸ˜›


Just a sunset.


Nook’s bulletin board message. Oh, the moon, that is an emergency O_O


Hurry, we need to return the moon to its rightful place in orbit before its hidden side is revealed o_o Go away Mininook 1 and 2.


Inside Rhonda’s house. She’s already changed into the cow pattern I left at the Ables’ xD And in Chinese ‘rhino’ actually has the word ‘cow’ in it :mrgreen:


Haha, look at Pecan’s face in response to Pierce’s proclamation xD “But that’s heresy!” πŸ˜†


Umm, heads? You know, I really like this picture. Somehow I actually think the composition is good (Pfft, composition, you think :P), or at least the way the three of us are standing is. In general it’s more interesting than most of my other shots with just one neighbour, or with someone’s back to the camera.
Someone give Chief a new, manly umbrella o_o


Yay, a bit of sun on a rainy day ^_^


Yes ma’am.


Yesss, gone xD


Three quarters done xD I keep forgetting which fish I need to give Wendell when he comes around so it’s getting so annoying finishing this pattern >.< Been at it since early in my previous game.


This came out weird… like Lyle was pasted in.
Well, this is me finally deciding to buy this damn insurance to get this weasel out of my Saturday mornings for good. See how enthusiastic I am? I can’t keep my head still for nodding.


I feel somebody’s straight face isn’t very trustworthy >_> …


Cleared out Nook’s store for his 5x points special xD

So buying all that should have given me enough points to reach Silver status by now, right??


WHA-?! O_O


Yep, couldn’t help it.


Speak for yourself.


What do I think…I think? I want those wall-mounted lights! >_<

Oh! Guess what?
We’ve reached the end of the pictures I uploaded xP
No more until I’ve cropped, resized and uploaded the next lot ^__^
So….bye for now, again :mrgreen:

Still SO many pictures left T_T

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