750,000 Bells in One Day!

This actually continues on from the same day as the last post, when Cyrano moved in ^_^


Later on… I caught my first blue marlin in this town ^_^

I also caught lots of other stuff, perfect for today…


… the Flea Market Day! :mrgreen:
Argh, so handsome when he’s thinking xP


Damn right I will xD
As you can see, I’ve already made lots of money πŸ˜›
(I usually deposit all held money once it hits 100 000, so the money in my pocket right now is new :mrgreen:)


Yup, and I’m gonna be rich :mrgreen:

P1080732 P1080734

Yeah, one beetle for 17,888 bells πŸ˜€


Yes, looking at my room, I think that would be a good idea πŸ˜›

Continuation of Flea Market business later in the post πŸ˜›


Yes, this is going up for sale too πŸ˜›


Cute angle of K.K, I think.


He doesn’t really look cute from the front…


Gwen came over and wanted to buy Aurora’s picture. That’s not for sale, of course πŸ˜€


And another Flea Market Day is another day to muck around with things like this πŸ˜›


Later that night is Pinky’s turn to fork over the cash 😈
And these animals carry around a lot of cash o_O


This isn’t even all the money I’ve earned anymore; I’ve sold so many beetles that I’ve had to leave bags of 99,000 bells lying on the ground outside so I could fill my pockets with more beetles xP

At the end of Flea Market Day, the amount of money I’ve made is…


… wow, 7 x 99000 + ~50000 😯
That’s nearly three quarters of a million bells! xD

Still not gonna pay my mortgage though πŸ˜›


What’s this pic? I’m assuming Flea Market Day was also the day Kiki and Gwen gave me their pics! πŸ˜€ So long ago >_<


This is the next day. I’m guessing it’s Pinky’s goodbye? 😦


And by then Cyrano has also unpacked ^_^
O_O Just because I didn’t know Jeremiah’s birthday? o_o


And what is this scrawny thing??
I think his name’s Limberg. Cranky mouse. In a caveman’s shirt…


Cyrano, visiting my house once more πŸ˜€
I designed that outfit for a girl…


Aww… he’s cute when he’s sad 😦


And to end the day, I decide I want the bun back for Rain…
Umm, weird comments coming from Harriet o_o


There we go πŸ™‚
You call that sparkling? =_=


Lol, seems Gracie was here that day too. These pictures are so old I’m letting them tell me the story πŸ˜›
Gracie seems to love the moon hairclips! o_o


Why you little… =_=;
This is the very next day. He came over again πŸ˜›


Wow, I think my new town broke my turnip price record pretty soon, too O_O My previous highest price was 500+


Coffee at the Roost with Phyllis…


Oooh xP


New neighbour ^_^


Awwww, cute! ^.^

And later on, I’m even amazed at how drastically her mouth changes to express her mood xD


From that…


To that! xD

And who moves after she’s unpacked?


My other frog, Jeremiah πŸ˜›
Pretty good timing again, because…


I got his pic earlier this month :mrgreen: Ribbit

And while we’re on the topic of neighbours, I finally got a video of how impatient Snooties are when it comes to haggling…

I mean, how easy do you want haggling to be, Gwen? o_o
Next time I’ll be sure to select “Try again” and see what happens…


A shot of the pretty flowers beside my house :mrgreen:
That’s Cyrano’s house in the distance ^_^
Pansies are awesome together once you have the hybrids!


Random shot of the “orchard” near the museum. It’s an isolated area on the other side of the river. The Other Side πŸ˜†
It’s not completed yet and you can see some patterns I’ve laid down as a planning aid: Cow pattern is a space that accepts trees, Starry Night pattern is a dead square :(, and I’m using the red design from Tim in Treehut to mark spots where I plan to put fruit trees :mrgreen:


Until this day I had never seen so many wilted flowers at one time!
Obviously this is the day I discovered I did not have to water my flowers every day, only every 2nd day πŸ˜› And this is obviously also the day I realised I missed a day of gardening! O_O
Plus, this time the rain’s doing the work for me :mrgreen:


New neighbour who was once in my old town, Dotty. But she’s also gone again from this town already >_<


‘Nother new neighbour ^_^ It’s Walker. He’s still there πŸ™‚


Another addition to the Pierce Album πŸ˜›


I played around with colours again when I rearranged the pansies outside my house. Much nicer than in my old town πŸ™‚

And FINALLY, before August ends…


I make it to the last fireworks show! :mrgreen:


And have fun with sparklers πŸ˜€

And THAT, is alllll the pictures I’ve stored in my computer since my last July post ^_^ We’ve almost reached September, and those photos are still in my camera, so you can well and truly say that we are finally up-to-date.
Sort of :mrgreen:

Note: I still haven’t worked out how to get the pictures to behave like they used to; To see the full-sized images, paste the image URL from their properties into the address bar of your browser, and get rid of the ?mark and the junk after it -_-

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