Lovely Town Getting Lovelier

Aww, how mushy :mrgreen:

But true, because earlier this week I found……


Anabelle!! xDDD
She got enough money to buy a nicer house! :mrgreen: So lucky! xD Her old house was the shabby white/brown/green plank house type, which is actually there again in my new town o_o
But no, she and Cyrano are now in my two favourite house types. Whoohoo xD


Yay that was quick xD
She looks so nice and colourful in her original tropical shirt ^_^

P1110971 P1110972

Yeah good idea Anabelle 🙂 I’m getting a bit worried about the names you animals think up…

And then just a few days later, yesterday…


… I found a Jacob’s Ladder! :mrgreen: My town is perfect again!! :mrgreen:
AND my blog has caught up with real time xD
I actually might have run straight past this flower the day before and not noticed it cos I was so used to them in my old town xP


Then I went to Nook to sell some things that were cluttering my pockets…


… and look what the total came down to! xD If you know anything about Chinese culture, 8 is the number of prosperity. Good number or what? :mrgreen:


Yesterday was also La-Di-Day. I hired everyone but changed back to my original tune when it was over 😛
It’s Anabelle!! xD


Reality check, Anabelle…. Okay I won’t say it 😛


I think it’s finally time to beautify my commercial area a bit. It was very arid out the front before. No grass and just a pond surrounded by empty, dry ground. Hooray for pansies ^_^
Better pics later in the post ^^


I thought it was time to give you another map of my town.
Anabelle’s house is the one right of the shops.  Another nice position, like Cyrano’s ^^

And today (like, today-today xD) there was an eighth house, belonging to:


A second cute frog! xD I never liked the frogs before I met Puddles and Lily :mrgreen:
She replaces the cranky rabbit, Gaston, who hardly stayed before he left 😛

I’ve got a town of all neighbours I like now >_<
Anabelle, Cyrano, Pierce, Walker,
Puddles, Lily, Gwen and Rhonda

I’ll try to keep them all until I get their pictures 😀
I also sort of want to keep the arrangements now because the only shabby house (I’m calling it “shabby” from now on) is owned by Rhonda, who lives waaay out in the corner on the beach 😛 Unfortunately she’s my least favourite neighbour now. I like them all, but she’s the one I… don’t like as much as the others o.o

Speaking of getting their pictures…


Aww, thank you ^_^


Here’s her pic. Her’s was a long wait, because I hardly see her outside of her house o_o
She says that it’s bad to look down your nose at people ^_^


Random photo at the beach 😀
It seems that spot with pink roses and palm trees I set up for Tortimer is a permanent feature of my town :mrgreen:

And one last bit of awesome before I finish up :P…


I’ve been waiting and waiting for this xD

Last week I finally bumped into Joan on Sunday morning, and bought one lot of turnips off her ^_^

And finally today they’re rotten :mrgreen:, which means I can…


… catch me some ants! xD


… once Anabelle gets off them! xD




And don’t my shops look lovely now with the flowers? xD
Imagine this shot without them xP

So “I caught every kind of bug!” That means…




YESSS, I have every golden tool now :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And it’s not my imagination…
I got a tan today xD In the middle of September xP

Sooo that’s it for now. NO MORE PICTURES TO DO! xD
My blog is finally completely up to date :mrgreen:
Don’t blame me if I disappear again now xD
Okay I kid. I’ll try not to. Try not to.
See ya! 🙂

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