The first snow! Woohoo! :mrgreen:
It took me 162 shots to get a picture where the snow was unblurred as well as noticeable πŸ˜› (It doesn’t really stand out if it’s in front of the pavement or trees.)


They’re celebrating too, lol πŸ˜›


Oh and 2 days ago I had work plus a concert to go to and was so tired afterward. I said to myself as I turned on my ACWW game, “If Gulliver comes by tonight I’m ignoring him cos I’m just too tired.” Then lo and behold, two minutes later Gulliver came whizzing by. I glanced at his UFO, said “I’m not shooting him down”……… then got out my slingshot and chased him like mad >_<
When I stopped to shoot him down I was so confident with my aim (usually I’m not!) that I hit him with all 3 stones, ha! πŸ˜€ Amazingly it took me a very short time to locate all UFO parts, and soon got my alien artifact: another Metroid πŸ˜›


My second tuna! :mrgreen: I would have taken a picture of my first tuna of the year instead but that was in the middle of the night and I couldn’t be bothered…
And I actually forgot what sizes the tuna shadows were. When people say they’re “huge without fins” I think of them as the same size as shark shadows, but actually they’re only the same shadow as the blue marlin! But maybe fatter πŸ˜› Believe it or not I think the ACWW team put a lot of dedication into the fish shadow variations. During some times of the year you can tell which fish you’ll catch before it comes up.


Flea Market Day again πŸ˜€ But I wasn’t prepared so I didn’t sell Antonio anything. Anabelle bought my tuna for… a lot.

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