Animal Crossing: Wild World
Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

I think it’s about time I did a comparison between these two games, since I made a post about Magician’s Quest, or Enchanted Folk, way back here last December, and outline the reasons why I actually still prefer Animal Crossing after ordering MQMT from Play-Asia.

You all should be familiar with ACWW, so I’ll just talk about it from the MQMT perspective and state all the good stuff and the bad stuff πŸ˜€ I’m using all my own pics this time ^_^

First off, I still love the visuals!


All buildings continue up into the top screen, and you really get the sense of being surrounded by them.
I also like the style of houses and shops used in this game. Classical-looking places with elegant little twirls here and there. It’s probably not what most gamers like, but I love it πŸ˜›

The top screen also does not remain idle when you enter a building:


For example at the town’s main store, Nookington’s-equivalent Harrows, it shows you the lovely balcony where the elevator opens up onto the 2nd floor and the magnificent -and I mean magnificent- ceiling and chandelier.
Btw the character is whistling a tune πŸ˜›

Another thing I like: the Music

So… unlike the visuals, I can’t really show you all the music there is in the game. Neither do I like all of it, but I prefer the MQMT music in general. I think there are differences between the US and EU versions, but in my US version the game slips in a few bars of well-known music here and there. My knowledge of music sucks so I don’t know any of the names, but it’s really nice to have a clear melody in the music rather than just the ambient sounds ACWW plays.

On top of that, the music you can play in your room -I don’t think you get a house, though you can steal some of the other empty rooms- are also more distinct from one another. They are from a wide range of genres, times and places (there’s one that reminds me of the Scottish seashore, LOL what the heck? :P) and have clear melodies. K.K. Slider’s tunes in ACWW are just too quirky for my taste.

There’s an extra little cute thing you can do in MQMT too: Play music with your classmates and neighbours!
How it works is you pick an instrument and start to play a tune you’ve learnt in the game, and random townies around you will join in with their default instrument!

These are my two favourite tunes so far. If you listen carefully, all the instruments have a slightly different melody to play, and the long silence in the second video is where a drum should enter, but none of my neighbours had the drum kit πŸ˜›

Anyway, much nicer and richer than KK’s tune when they play on the stereo ^^;

Now, on to the BAD points D:

* The ControlsIf you play MQMT using ACWW’s controls accidentally, which is easy to do if you’re used to playing ACWW, you will DESTROY any wilted flowers you intended to water and PUT AWAY any items you intended to use. MQMT uses a different button configuration to many popular Nintendo games, and in most cases, A doesn’t mean “Yes”, B doesn’t mean “No”.

* They imitated ACWW well, but not well enough. After playing ACWW and running around watering flowers, catching bugs etc, doing so in MQMT will feel all floaty and unrealistic.

What I mean is, ACWW took care you make you feel like you actually had some weight as you moved about the screen: When you brake suddenly and run the other way you skid; when you swing your net it hits any obstacles; your characters can walk and run at varying speeds, running slower if you are brushing against a wall or rock or tree.

Well, in MQMT it’s all the same no matter what you’re doing. You zip around and run the other way like you really are nothing but a bunch of pixels, you run at a constant speed even if you just hit a tree. When you’re bug-catching, your net still swings if it hits a rock wall; it just goes through. You also don’t need to hit the bug directly: swing it anywhere vertically underneath it and it will disappear (into your net, supposedly) with a “pop!”.

Unfortunately with the angle the camera is at (which I quite like), it is also hard to see which flowers you are watering when they are in a patch. It is also much more difficult to move only a fraction of a step in MQMT, so it takes a lot of effort to water all your wilted flowers. AND THEY REALLY WILT A LOT. One plus for MQMT is that the flowers sparkle each time you water them, so at least you get confirmation that you didn’t miss.

But flowers lead up to my next point.

* What a prissy town!
-Plant trees to receive fruit and landscape your town.
-Water flowers during the 2 days they are wilted to keep them alive.
-Plant trees for decoration and they die eventually.
-Plant berry shrubs to receive fruit once before they die.
-Water flowers immediately when they wilt; they will be gone tomorrow.
-Flowers planted on the same day will wilt together. No individuality at all…


You can get a lot of flowers in exchange for bugs and fish you catch. The problem is, you may fish and catch bugs a lot on one particular day and get a pocketful of flowers in exchange. Plant them and I guarantee that a few days later you will have a solid patch of wilted flowers to water. They are so in sync and on time they are more like soldiers than flowers! Pointless.

And trees… I really like planning out the trees in my ACWW town. I have a little cedar “forest” up by my town gate, and an “orchard” in a secluded spot next to my museum. Well, you can’t do that in MQMT. Trees die no matter what you do. New ones sprout randomly, or you can buy saplings one a day.

And lastly are the berries. I just don’t bother with berries. They are the only fruit you can acquire in your town to sell, and are just too much work for me.

Random berry shrubs can also grow on their own, but firstly, their sale prices are not fixed and you only profit when a special character comes to town every 3rd day and you happen to have stocked up on the one berry he is after for the day, secondly about half berry seedlings die, thirdly BERRIES ROT the next day just by being in your pocket! What??? That’s basically like ACWW without any fruit and only an accelerated Turnip system! O_O
Oh and of course berry shrubs continue to die even if you leave the fruit on (after about 2 days).

* What prissy neighbours! Yes, they’re the same as the town they live in! They rage and shake their fist at you if you happen to be in their way for too long, they watch whatever you do and immediately concoct a rumour about you, they get angry and stay angry at you if you don’t play for a long time (shown through more fist-shaking).

They only tell you important things if you accept to make an appointment with them to meet at a particular spot right on the edge of town on a particular day at a particular time! That includes requests to become your friend and telling you they might be moving. Miss it and your favourite character will be gone! They don’t hang around packing for a day because they have wands. Abracadabra.

… Ah, whoops, I got into a bit of a rant. Let that be the end of the negatives section. I’ll add more on if I remember more points.

In general though, MQMT is still a nice game when not compared to ACWW. I may even be in the minority here when I say I prefer ACWW. There are more activities to enjoy, for example hanging around with individual neighbours to enjoy a drink at the juice bar or a bowl of Charlie’s noodles.


There are more places to go, such as the mushroom forest…


… and the public toilets…

Neighbours relax on park benches and read, or admire the scenery of their own accord πŸ˜€


Btw that bank is the only building in the town I do not like.
Neighbours can also fish by the river of their own accord, but predictably they never catch anything πŸ˜›

Seasons change more alluringly for me in MQMT than ACWW πŸ™‚


Strange and magical creatures appear sometimes:


Eep! >_<


Awwwww! ❀ xD

And, like ACWW, MQMT can’t possibly be 100% a childish kids’ game:


Uh, though then again, “childish” and “immature” might be two different things.

So in the end, MQMT isn’t that much worse than ACWW. The number of good points roughly balances out the bad. But it’s still work to keep both games going, and when it comes to which game I prefer to spend my time and energy working on, it’s Animal Crossing: Wild World πŸ˜€

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