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EDIT 13 May 2011: So, hows that! 8) I went though all my archives and manually added “Previous/Next” buttons at the end of every post!

I thought about it and realised how STUPID it is for this blog theme to not display full posts in archives, yet also not provide buttons to view adjacent posts! On top of that, all lists and menus are at the very bottom of the page.

How do they expect readers to navigate around the blog??

Hey Everyone~

TODAY I DECIDED TO CHANGE THE THEME FOR MY ENTIRE BLOG. I know the old theme, Quentin, was nice and cozy, but lately I’ve started to feel its layout is a bit cramped. All my pictures had to be resizsed to quite small, and the default font was huge! I also wanted to try showing my pictures on a black background.

The new theme is Hemingway. As you can see, the posts have room to stretch out sideways, and the writing looks neater. However, this unfortunately causes all of the blog’s navigation and links to be shoved right at the bottom of the page, no longer on the sides (so you’ll have to scroooooll).

This also means some pages that were created with the old theme in mind may have oddly coloured text until I get around to fixing them. Same with oddly small pictures (470 pixels wide).

Yes, I think I will have to go back through all my posts and reinsert all the pictures so they are the right size. Amazingly, I think switching themes has fixed the problem that was causing me to manually resize all images to fit, and the pictures to link to the wrong original. But now I have to undo all that manual resizing o_o

Anyhow, I hope you guys (who are probably all gone after that huge break I took :P) don’t mind the change and agree with me on some of the points. I hope I can stick to it too. At this moment it is the nicest black-background theme in the gallery that I can see 🙂

Some points about my new blog layout:

* Some posts may have randomly hard-to-read text, because I created them to suit the old theme. I’ll fix these as I find them. For now, if they’re hard to read, please try highlighting them 🙂

* Posts in archives are no longer expanded D: Or I don’t know how to make them so. If you know, please tell me!

This means you can no longer view a whole month’s worth of pictures in one page, and you will have to click on individual posts after opening up a monthly archive.


Because of this, I’ve listed all (ALL) my posts in the “Recent Posts” widget at the bottom, so you can go straight to the posts from there.

See ya ’round!


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