Pffft Whyyy? >_<

Oh my goodness, what is this?? o_o

Suddenly, starting from the day after my birthday last Monday, my ACWW game no longer allows me to leave flowers unwatered for 2 days o_o

I don’t understand. What changed? I absolutely KNOW I don’t miss any flowers in the patches that I take special care of when I water, for example my hybrid patches and the pansies outside my shops. Because I am so paranoid about missing one or two, I end up watering each wilted flower in those areas about 2 or 3 times.

My game has always let me skip watering every 2nd day, ever since I discovered that I could last July.

So why are my flowers suddenly dying off this past week on both the 2 occasions I skipped one day of watering? The first time I simply thought something was terribly wrong with my memory. Then it happened again today! I skipped one day yesterday, and today many of my hybrids are dead.

. . .

. . . . . . . . .

You know . . . just while typing the above, I think I may just have come up with a reason why o_o

Like I said, my game has always let me skip every 2nd day. . . but I think the thing I did differently to usual yesterday was . . . I did not water, but I still played. Because I wanted to visit the shops, but was too sleepy to water the flowers.

If that’s true… it means I’ve never turned on my game before without watering my flowers! o_o And I’ll just have to trust that I made the same mistake last week.


Okay then new rule:

If you turn on your game, water your flowers;

If you have to skip a day of watering, DON’T PLAY AT ALL.

Jeez… it’s been 2 years and I’m still just learning how to play this game.


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