Mishmash again!


Another mishmash post! ^_^ These happen when I don’t have a general idea about what my leftover pictures are about, because they cover such a long time and because… they’re generally about everything! :p

So as you can see, at the beginning of September my room was full of dinosaurs! But I’ll come to that later πŸ™‚

Firstly… where we left off, after Kammile’s visit to my town and before my visit to Redbank:


So that’s it, Rat Face πŸ˜› Actually, as Kammile pointed out later, it’s actually a cat face, but her sister was being silly at the time and named it this πŸ˜†


It seems Twisk is always a flower girl when she comes to my town πŸ˜€


Wh-what?!? How dare you name me somehting with a “dumb” in it D:


Yes, and you better remember it! xP


…… Aaaand? x3


Woohoo! πŸ˜€


Commemorative shoot πŸ™‚


Bonsoir! Pas mal, et vous?

I took these pictures when I noticed… the underground syndicate of Team Rocket was slowly taking over my town!


But I needn’t worry too much; they’re made up mostly of imbeciles.


It was you -_-


Random picture that night of Mathilda and Mathilda Jr.


I have no idea what they’re talking about, but there you go – for your viewing pleasure >.>


Then I went to check out some of the indoor townies… and the pink shirt design was popular among them, especially the guys! xP

Punchy gave me another tuxedo πŸ˜›


Do you notice a lot of French coming out of my neighbours? πŸ˜› Sometimes it’s just easier to come up with French phrases than English ones o_o


Even the ab-crunch guy wears pink -_-


I just selected “pay mortgage” just to muck around, but I had to laugh at Phyllis’ snide comment! πŸ˜€


Mmm, money in my pocket :mrgreen:


Pfft, this letter should probably have been posted earlier, but sometimes I forget to photograph a letter until weeks later πŸ˜›


Finally! Now he can leave! Cos I really don’t want to see his house any longer >_<
But until now he is wandering freely around town -__-


Oh, his eyelids are down in his pic! πŸ˜›


I enjoy giving Blanca proper faces from time to time, but I’ve found the simple way out for those times when I can’t be bothered:
Give her a blank face, and just let Blanca be Blanca ^_^


Another time she wondered in with a decent face, though, so I just added that extra eye on the top of her face πŸ˜›


So… there’s a bottled note that I’ve left lying on the beach right where I’m standing in this picture for months (probably 2), and this day I finally gave in a picked it up.
Well… it turned out to be a note-in-a-bottle from myself -_-;;

Inside, it read:


(I signed it Rain, cos I was dumb and forgot the outside still says “Sidney”)
I think I gave up and just sold the shirt to Nook πŸ˜› I thought it wasn’t a great-looking shirt anyway.


Wow! I gave my DS touch screen a new protector, and look what a difference it makes! It’s clearer than my top screen, at the moment πŸ˜›


Yeah, poor Anabelle, but I didn’t want to give her any clothes because I know her room will suffer πŸ˜›


Well… the 2nd of September is a Friday, so the next day was going to be the Flea Market! So since I had alll those fossils (you probably saw from a while ago) dumped outside my house from over the last month or so, I needed to get Rain to clear alll of this furniture, and replace it with fossils! πŸ˜€


Phew, all done!


I didn’t deliberately make it all Gothic-looking with the red design and candles – I just needed a light source and my snowman floor was too garish through the gaps between the skeletons πŸ˜›




What it looks like with all gaps filled πŸ˜› But of course this way nobody will be able to come in the door >_<


First customer, Anabelle! Umm… I gave up on her dΓ©cor at this point; There are more important matters πŸ˜›




All sold! (Not all to Anabelle :P)


Behind me is my purple and black roses patch, where I hope to breed blue roses, but I was starting to run out of space so… time to chop down the trees! Nooo D:
Now it’s much better, but the new trees won’t grow where I want them >_>


Yes? And what did that pretty little empty head of yours think? ^_^


I got it from Wishy! πŸ˜€ The last spotlight item at Nook’s was the skeleton, and I missed it! D: Which is why, when I happened to catch a shooting star while not holding any tools and later received Wishy’s latter, I idly said in my head, “Give me a skeleton”. And that’s just what I got ^_^


Yeah, your dental health really matters, Punchy!


Just a picture of this pattern Breeze made before I delete it to make space. It’s Mabel, of course! πŸ˜› But it didn’t work very well on clothes, only as a pattern.

So I deleted it because…


Breeze had better patterns to make ^_^

Yep, it is exactly the butterfly shirt pattern, but with altered colours.

Designing and fixing patterns costs money, though, which Breeze had to earn on her own because her both her two friends were dead asleep upstairs in the attic–


Ack! That’s our white katana!!! What are you doing, girl?? Dx

Well… I guess that solves the problem of money… -_-;


The pattern on an umbrella.


Aaand a picture comparing the counterfeit with the original πŸ˜›
I made it because I always felt the colours in the real butterfly shirt were too faint, which you can see here.

My problems were solved when I found sprite rip sheets on the internet of all the clothing patterns in ACWW, so all I had to do was copy the placement of each pixel onto the canvas πŸ˜€


I named it the Monarch pattern (and then I, II, III etc gets added depending on how many times I edit it :P)


Haha, I don’t know if this is definite, but… it seems Lily means what she says!

She said all this when I swiped a flea of her head right after she had a conversation with Cyrano that left her fuming.
Rather than vent her anger on me like angry townies usually do, she stood still after I caught the flea, waiting to talk to me although she was still angry, and thanked me like this! πŸ˜€


Well, that’s gonna be it for now. Believe it or not, I just dug up some more pictures, and actually it’ll make more sense for me to put those in a separate post. Life’s getting busy though, so I don’t know when that’ll be up! πŸ˜›

Bye for now~


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