Bug-Off Silliness and other things

Yes I felt I needed yet another separate post, because I finished that last one so conclusively that I couldn’t get another picture in edgeways -_-;


To start with, I played a little during the daytime before Twisk’s visit to water my flowers, discovering that the Bug-Off was on. Not that IΒ  bother myself with that often anymore, because I usually lose…



Stopping by in my rose patch.
No matter how many hundreds of pictures I take, I still can’t help but take another one whenever I have a good flower day – when nearly all my flowers are unwilted πŸ˜€


There, I couldn’t help it again 😐


Then I met Anabelle, who, it turned out, had fleas >_>


Yeah, that’s why πŸ™‚

Well, since I always lose the Bug-Off anyway…





Pfft hahaha! 2mm! xP


I laugh at me, not you >_>

Now onto my other random pictures, so that my blog may finally be up to date! >_<


Taking advantage of the start-screen that doesn’t follow a character.


Cyrano and Cyrano’s house πŸ˜›


Near the top of my town. You can see two black patterns (this time it’s the Team Rocket pattern :P) marking “dead” spots where trees can’t grow. A pain because that is my orchard.



Boring ol’ pics of the upper-right part of town that nobody visits πŸ˜›


Antonio in a random field of pansies.

I have lots of “random” patches of flowers around town that are just flowers I don’t know what to do with. All I know is that I don’t want to destroy them, so those patches get bigger, and bigger, and bigger D: And example is the huge white pansy patch you get a glimpse of in the river picture above.


Nice day for a picture up by the Nazca lines xP That’s Breeze.


I finally caught a blue marlin for this year! I didn’t really need it, but I just wanted to catch one πŸ˜›
There’s someone over there smacking their lips.


Time for my townies’ Twisk Report πŸ˜›


I couldn’t help getting a picture of this x3 Even after seeing all the episodes around town before, there are still bits that we forget, that are refreshing to hear of again and that endear those characters to us a little more each time, like the quirks they might have, or the insights we get into the little thoughts that go on inside their little minds ^_^


Aaand, to finish up, 3 letters from my pocket:

At first I thought, As if you would know what I drink!
And then I realised, that is what I drink T_T
All of you reading this only drink coffee too πŸ˜›

All of my characters got this HRA letter for this Sunday. We’ll never know…

And last, but not least:

Big surprise πŸ˜›

Runner-up for a flea! xD


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