Twisk’s Visit!

I don’t have a very good introduction for this post ^^;

Well… after Amy and I found out that my old neighbour Pierce, the blue eagle who left my town over half a year ago, had recently moved to Kammile’s town StarCity, then to Jemma’s town USA, then on to Amy’s ‘other’ town Redbank, then finally into Amy’s current town Dafdilly , she offered to reserve him and try to get him back to my town after he moved, which he did, a few weeks back.

Well, in short, it meant I had another lovely visit from Amy’s character Twisk, which is what I’ve been trying to get at πŸ˜›


See? πŸ˜›
Here’s Amy’s post about the same day.

I just realised I didn’t even blog about Twisk’s first visit back in August because I had no pictures! D: I better give you the link to her post for that too ^^;

I only have a handful of pictures from this time ’round though, because I kept having to shut the DS to hide it from a certain someone who kept on interrupting xP In the meantime Amy took plenty pictures of me sleeping =.= πŸ˜›


Having a chat about clovers outside Mathilda’s home.


Amy lamented πŸ˜› about not having bred a single blue rose yet. Maybe soon! x3


Some emotion fun πŸ™‚ A lot of times I hit the SHOCK ((O_O)) expression by mistake instead xD


My fake butterfly shirt caught Twisk’s attention when we visited my mush room πŸ˜€


Luckily it was on display at the Ables’, so we hastened there to try it on πŸ˜›




Some umbrella-twirling. Actually, LOTS of umbrella-twirling, cos once one of us stopped, the other one started, and so on πŸ˜›


Apparently that night, Amy heard and saw a couple of shooting stars in my town! I didn’t notice a single one.
But WOW, she tells me she received a throne once from the wishing star! 😯


Neither of the two thrones she ever possessed needed to be bought from Nook! o.o Awesome luck xD

With time running out at my end, we decided the last places to visit for the night were Anabelle’s and Cyrano’s homes.


And apparently Cyrano had this to say about me -_-

After that we partied-over. Except that I pressed the wrong thing and saved-and-continued instead xP After we met again after that, lol :lol:,Β  I pressed the right thing, and Twisk went back to Dafdilly, where the Bug-Off was still taking place, and I went to bed πŸ˜›


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