What is? My map!!
The one you got a preview of aaages ago! …That was one year ago! O_O Since then, it’s had a total facelift.

So without further ado I present…… xP

The New Bundeena Town Map! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Sorry for the massive size!

You’re probably wondering where the heck this is coming from all of a sudden. Well basically back in my first town I was really crazy about getting a proper map of my town. In one attempt I hand-drew one, and in another I used the online map generator, but in the end I was still dissatisfied with the presentation.

Since the first version of the map you got a snippet of, created in December 2010, I’ve updated the background, improved clarity and added alllll those new flowers I’ve acquired over the past year! Now this map is up-to-date as of the 23rd November 2011 (but actually that’s because my game is one week behind and I really finished the map today!).

Here’s a look at my first map (1st Dec. 2010). You could see I was already starting on the main floral “attractions” I was going to have in my town.

I made the map from scratch in Photoshop, though the very first step was stealing a square grass, ground and water pattern off Mayu’s pattern page -.- Then with these I made Photoshop patterns for the stamp tool, and proceeded to create a colour version of my town layout.

The Sarouk town map generator was a huge help to me, and had a constant presence throughout the creation of the map, right up until I switched it’s layer opacity to zero and finally created a grid-free JPEG.

Here’s what I saw as I created the map. Occasionally I turned the grid layer off to see how the whole thing was coming along, but 99% of the time this is how I worked:

And of course, in my other hand was my DS! I’d walk to a new area, plot all the flowers, walk to a new area, plot all the flowers etc. Same with the trees. Since Photoshop allows you to work on multiple layers, I could separate the flowers, trees, buildings and background from each other at will.

In my final map, I ensured all the flowers were mapped by plotting all of them over a period of two days. You might see some flowers sticking out from under houses. That’s because those were plotted while no house was present on that lot.

This is the 2nd map (3 total), from April 2011.

I got really sick of the washy background of the original map, and also wanted a larger image, so I completely redid everything. (Er… but it’s the same size for you because I shrunk it for the blog :neutral:)

But nothing changed from the April map to the current one, except for the addition of beaches and rocks (and of course many flowers :P). I hope you can tell the different trees and plants apart.

Most of the trees are normal “oak” trees. The slightly bluish ones are cedars. Down by the water are my only two coconut trees, which I made a yellowy colour. I think you can work out what the normal trees with coloured spots in them mean 😀

As for flowers, you can’t tell them apart aside from the blue rose, gold rose, and blue pansy. As for the rest, some of them were already planted in groups. All the flowers between my shops and town hall are pansies, and of course that patch of purple and black (and red) between the town hall and my house would be roses. All the flowers near my museum are also roses. Below my “cedar forest” are all tulips, and right of that are all white pansies. Oh! And I nearly forgot, the Jacob’s Ladders are the green flowers!

For fun, I also mapped as many of the clovers in my town as I could find, and in my final map up the top also added my patch of dandelion puffs 😛 I hope you can guess which ones they are.

And just for fun, here’s an image of my town with a black layer covering the background, so it’s easier to get an idea of how the flowers lie 😀 This is from the final version.

Haha, funny isn’t it? 😆

As you can see, I have lots of white flowers. I just don’t know what to do with them 😐 So I dump them together away from the other flowers, but then they proliferate!
And then you can sort of see where the pavements and ponds are, and how the river flows. And then you see a black line looking suspiciously like a path that leads from my museum to my shops 😆
Mainly the other places that don’t have flowers are those out in the middle of nowhere, or where the trees are too dense to water easily between.

Lastly, a GIF that cycles between December 2010, April 2011, and November 2011 😀

You should be able to tell which is the start 😛

… And let’s close off with that starting image of my final completed town map for the heck of it 😀

Now let’s hope I don’t undertake such a huge project again for a good while yet x_x

But wow, I’m glad that’s done and that I can finally share it with all of you ^_^



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