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EDIT which I will delete when it’s no longer relevant, because it makes the post look ugly :P:

01.07.2012: Sorry, I’m half-asleep so I haven’t thought this out entirely well, and I’m probably not very good at forming sentences this time of night (4am). Basically, I am using my last resort to get my town back up and running. It’s STILL in January! I went on hiatus because of uni, and the longer I didn’t play, obviously the huger the job of getting my town back up to date became! Now when I play, the date is out of whack and confusing as heck, especially when I play and water multiple days in a row (in one day) in an attempt to catch up a little. And then when I step back and see how much catching up it would take, it’s really a bit overwhelming, and in reality I simply don’t have that time.

So… this last resort, is to do a huuuuuge move, of all the important flowers in my town, to another gamecard I now have. Realistically I don’t think i could manage to move all of them, so I might leave the patches of “spare” flowers I had around town. The idea is to be able to progress freely with Bundeena (yes, via Time-travel T_T) up until the present, while leaving the 2nd gamecard on the same date to preserve the flowers until I’m ready to move them back. I’ve already started with the museum patch, and it seems doable. Sorry everyone, we’re gonna miss a few months of Bundeena here and there πŸ˜› But I hope this can get everything back on track!

AC:3DS better have sprinklers!!!


For Amy, Kammile, Jemma and Emma. Thanks for sticking around while I was gone from my blog, and sorry for not posting for so long. I don’t know when I’ll make a proper new post, but I thought I’d draw a picture for you in the meantime, and for anybody else I don’t know who has been following my little blog πŸ™‚


My town is actually still in January, and I’d be a bit worried about the welcome I’d receive if I went back now πŸ˜› (Though of course in reality I have the ability to go back in time first :cool:)

Cyrano’s activities during my absence have been questionable, and Mathilda has been neglected far too long πŸ˜› A certain airhead is being very… disturbing, while the other one has missed the point of the welcome back “party” entirely (thankfully) πŸ™‚ I’ll leave the rest to you to interpret.




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