Twisk’s Birthday… 10 months late


Yup… took ten months to get this post up -_- Sorry Amy!! o_o

This post is about the amazing birthday party Amy hosted in her town Dafdilly all the way back in January! She made lots of preparations and transformed her entire town into a candy paradise! Here’s her own post of the day, and also a post by Jemma, who was one of the guests :mrgreen:


Upon arrival, Rain was showered with gifts πŸ˜› (Twisk gave me two of her favourite spring-themed shirts, one of which I changed into right away, and a Lovely Phone :mrgreen: )

Twisk was embarrassed by her misproportioned welcoming snowman by the gate, but at most I thought it was a bit funny, and still a very welcoming snowman ^^

While waiting for the others, Twisk took me on a tour of her newly-decorated town…



… Which was very impressive after just the first few steps 😯


This was her Lollipop Island, filled with colourful lollipops, hybrid flowers and a CandyLand path.


This was a really good idea! Amy had cordoned off -with patterns- holding areas for guests to store any belongings so that they wouldn’t weigh us down (so to speak :P) while we took part in the party activities πŸ˜€


She loves star snow and I like circle. Sigh… πŸ˜›


Close-up on Lollipop Island.


These were amazing! Giant ice creams! xD And Twisk did a very good job considering she had to use the same palette as the winter ground itself, which I didn’t think of when I first saw them.


Haha, it’s like she plucked the cherries from the trees and used them in the ice creams xP

P1290506-10 Merge

Following the CandyLand path, we came to the impressive candy-filled town square. The immediate impression I got was that the town hall looked like a toy compared to the huge sweets and ice creams around it πŸ˜› Actually, it was the ultimate goal in Twisk’s larger-than-life CandyLand board game, Candy Castle!


The usual secret-trip-to-the-post-office πŸ˜› Even though Twisk was right outside >_>


Here she had a entire patch of party poppers saved up from New Year’s! O_O


And since no-one else was here yet, we had fun setting off a few first 😈





Then Twisk took me to see Static, who moved in just recently and I think is one of her dream neighbours! πŸ˜€


… He’s… a little scary T_T

And then…


Along came Skye, a.k.a. MonkeyDoodle πŸ˜€


With three people now, it was time for some games! xD
This was a King Tut race… which I think is self-explanatory πŸ˜› Twisk had also buried a lot of pitfalls along the track. I kinda forgot the point of the King Tut masks and just walked to avoid all the pitfalls… whoops -.-


Nowww we’re getting ready for a…


Treasure Hunt!! x3 I was so happy digging up a mermaid statue :mrgreen: I wanted to collect all the stone Gulliver items to display in my garden room, and I think this was the last one! πŸ˜€


And another Katie item, yay! ^__^

And while we were busy digging…


Jemma arrived! πŸ˜€


Everyone coming to greet her. Twisk gave her an awesome present: the pic of Kiki, who was Jemma’s favourite townie but had moved away before she could stop her.


Oooh, it’s time to get ready for the ultimate game xP
Aaand, I do something stupid >_> (At first I thought I picked up a pattern of the snow… on the snow, lol.)


It was time for CandyLand!!!

I’m yellow and lookin’ smug about it 😎


Just getting into the game and Skye was having a bit of trouble standing still πŸ˜›





Bam, they’re back.



And we caught up with Jemma! ^^


Lol, left in the dust again πŸ˜›


Ahhh, I’m nearly theeere! >_<


Hooray, we all made it! πŸ˜€
Oh, and while I sit on an ice cream, everybody’s feet disappear…


Closeup shot where Twisk had the CandyLand prizes nicely laid out in little holding squares.


Now it was time to do the party popper’s properly!!


The popping was too much for Jemma’s ears.


But she had a few party poppers left that she had to do on her own πŸ˜›





On the way to do another King Tut race, I stopped to admire some more candy canes πŸ˜€ They were really convincing; sticking out in different directions and at different heights, but the shadows keeping them looking 3-dimensional.


Tut, Tut and Tut…

Don’t mind me.

Oh well, looks like I didn’t get pictures of the last activity we did… Wrestling, AC:WW-style! 😎 Twisk had enclosed an area with buried pitfalls, and the goal was (obviously) to push the other players in without falling in yourself. Somehow the others fell in on their own very easily and I “won” πŸ˜›


Lol that’s classic, Twisk forgot it was her birthday during a discussion about ages πŸ˜† Funny cos the townie that brings you your birthday cake at the start of the day exclaims that you forgot it (I think) πŸ˜›

Aaaand that brings us to the end of Twisk’s awesome wi-fi birthday party! And wow, checking the time, that was a long wi-fi session, I don’t think I felt it at all at the time!

Super belated Thank You for preparing such an amazing party, Amy! And thanks everyone, I had a great time. I hope this post does it justice ^_^


Aaand, ending shot with my lovely new lovely phone from Amy :mrgreen: :


. . . I think it’s broken.


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