Moving Flowers

This will be an odd little post about my big flower move (when I moved ALL my town’s flowers to a secondary town for safekeeping in order to catch up the date in my main town)… except you won’t really see all the moving because I didn’t take pictures… =_= I did take a video though, where you can see all the flowers in their new town, which will be frozen on the date 11/11/11 so that I don’t lose any of them. As for when they can move back… I don’t know πŸ˜›

For starters, the vid ^_^
(Don’t bother with the sound because there’s only static and other noise, not many sounds from the game itself πŸ˜• )
Excuse the hands ^^;

Sorry, it’s actually quite a boring video πŸ˜› For the first half I am basically running through my town making sure it’s properly empty.
From 6:05 onwards I deposit the last of my flowers and give a little flower tour, if you want to skip to that part πŸ˜›

I made the second town especially for this. As you saw, it’s called Suzuran (Japanese name for Jacob’s Ladder) and the main chara is called Teru πŸ™‚ The move took a few days in real life, but I had to make sure the 2nd town date was always 11/11/11 (just easy to remember), and that Bundeena was always on the one date for the most part (29/1/12) so that it would take only maximum 2 days to move all wilted and unwilted flowers. At the same time, I had to make sure not to go back in time for Bundeena, which would otherwise have unleashed all sorts of unspeakable horrors (namely broken Stalk Market and Lost Kitten event) πŸ™‚

At the same time, I was keeping track of the sections of flowers on a rough map:

Moving Flowers map sketch

You can see on the right my little memos of the areas I had yet to move, and the last white pansies were moved in the video :mrgreen:

Here’s the map of my town with the flower layout soΒ  you can see where everything came from:

NEW Map + ALL - 2011.11.22 Beach 2

Yep, all gone πŸ™‚ In the video you can see all the wilted flowers, which I moved the next day.

Now for a few pictures I did snap along the way.


Phooey! But Teru wants a new haircut!


Framed for a crime already??? I just want a makeover because of the horrid hairdo. Honest!
Wait… grand theft coconut?

Back in Bundeena…


Did you see that? The tumbleweed just now, did you see it? Oh, you didn’t? But I’m sure I saw a tumbleweed roll by just now…


Pelly you broke my heart.


A shot of where the black/purple rose patch used to be. Now it’s a good place for rolling snowmen πŸ˜›


Using the opportunity (no watering = more time) to do a bit of landscaping. These are all apple trees, and unlike my main orchard up near the museum, this patch is right next to the shops πŸ˜€


Just two weeks after the flower move, Pierce has his own new garden flourishing, breeding hybrids no less πŸ˜›
This time I refuse to lift a finger; if the townies want flowers, they can take care of that themselves :mrgreen:


You’re so green I thought you were a cucumber! Ha, take that!
And bananas don’t do sour, Pierce. Pick a better fruit next time.


Haha, Mathilda doesn’t deign to answer that question πŸ˜›


Pheeeew, Teru’s got her new hairdo.

And when Sidney visits Suzuran…


We meet an old friend! Well, a little old, though I can’t even remember if I ever posted about her because I know there was someone I didn’t get to take pictures of before they moved again and it might have been her. I actually liked her and I don’t remember why I let her move.


Haha, valuable advice πŸ˜›


It’s kind of sad that she’ll never actually finish unpacking T^T But I guess she will never move, either.


Aww, that’s sweet.


That’s it for now, then πŸ™‚ Maybe if I get time I’ll load up Suzuran and take some actual pictures of the flowers.

Hope you’re all well ^^ Sorry for the huge gap between posts.



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